Monday, February 22, 2010

Tymoshenko throws down challenge

BYuT's bold attempt to force a quick parliamentary vote of support in her government before President-elect Viktor Yanukovych's inauguration this Thursday puts NUNS in a nasty 'make-your-mind-up' position.

NUNS, in particular, are being denied a long drawn-out period which would enable them to obtain the best-possible deal from PoR in arranging a new coalition with their potential future partners in parliament.

If Tymoshenko's government survives a vote of no confidence before Yanukovych's inauguration on Thursday their leader would again be in a commanding position after recent defeat in the presidential elections and subsequent court battle.

Today's move to force the issue of credibility in the current government may turn out to be a master-stroke.

Will her enemies be man enough to 'pick up the gauntlet'?


UkrToday said...

Victor Yushenko offers compromise to support a new governing coalition, ff  Party of Regions gives up Language and the Russian Black Fleet .

Our Ukraine but not Peoples' Self Defense would join Party of Regions in a coalition without the Communist Party.

ITARTASS reports:

"Viktor Yushchenko, the outgoing Ukrainian president, promises "always
to be a partner for the new president." He said so in an interview with
the Kiev-based Inter TV Channel on Sunday.

This coming from a party that rejected and refused a compromise to allow the Socialist Party's Alexander Moroz to hold the Speakers position back in 2006.  A decision that signaled the end of the Orange revolution.

Yushchenko goes on reported as saying "Ukraine needs political stability, the pragmatic creation of a
parliamentary majority and the formation of a government as soon as
" ... "I have three things to advise you: unity, unity and again unity, both in politics and the nation."

A bit much for a President who constantly undermined the Orange revolution and the stability of the governing coalition. A president who was not known for his compromises when it came to the need for stability.


It still is unclear if Our Ukraine can peel off and go it alone as a separate faction. Our Ukraine was not elected to the parliament as a stand alone organization and as such a coalition that includes Our Ukraine alone does not conform to the imperative mandate provisions of Article 83 of Ukraine's constitution.

elmer said...

Yushchenko had his chance.

He never explained to the people what he was trying to do. Ever.

Oh, sure, there were very nice speeches about how Ukraine would be reborn, and about the principles of democracy.

But when he tried to enter into a "universal agreement" with the Party of Regions - what the hell was that all about, other than a bunch of politicos trying to make things convenient for themselves and their oligarchs?

When he sucked up to Firtash and RosUkrEnergo, what the hell was that all about, other than having Firtash divert some money to Yushchenko's brother, and maybe a few plane rides for his wife?

Ukraine doesn't need unity - it needs reform.

It needs to make the transformation from sovok state, to oligarchy, to - full democracy.

Independent judiciary.

Directly elected parliament - no "party lists."

No parliamenty immunity (supposedly, that was supposed to be implemented in February 2010).

No oligarchs using government to enrich themselves - Akhmetov, Kolomoisky, Kolesnikov, Kluyev, Hubsky, and the other ass holes.

No Yanukovych stealing Mezhihirya, a 400-acre estate, from the government - with the help of government.

Yushchenko talks democracy - but he doesn't know it.

Democracy doesn't mean electing one oligarch thug over another.

Democracy doesn't mean supporting Firtash.

Democracy doesn't mean Lozinsky killing a poor, 55-year old man, who lived with his mother, and getting away with it.

Democracy doesn't mean 49-judge court panels - appointed on a political basis, and responding to the wishes of those who feed them or appointed them.

Democracy means having a system regarding, above all, the rights of citizens in relation to government - and enforcing those rights.

It doesn't mean rule by presidential decree.

It doesn't mean benevolent despotism, whether by Yushchenko, or Tymoshenko, or Yakoonovych, the party hack from the Party of Regions.

That's when you have stability - not when Yushchenko supports and represents one set of oligarchs, and Julia supports and represents another, and Yabookovych supports and represents yet a third.

And democracy is certainly not Lytvyn and others getting mansions at government expense with Yushchenko's help, nor is it all the pig oligarchs feeding to their heart's content at the government trough - and then giving nice speeches about how they are "working for Ukraine."

Yushchenko had his chance - he did some good things.

He should have done a lot more. He had the support of the people.

Instead of catering to oligarchs like Firtash, he should have catered to the people.

He could have shown people, on a realistic basis, how things ought to be.

He blew it.

And now an illiterate thug party hack from the Party of Regions is president-elect, ready to make things even more comfortable for Akhmetov, Kolesnikov, Firtash, et cetera.

And Hanna Herman, the hissing viper, will be there to try to tell everyone that Yabookovych's shit is actually sugar.

Yuri-Kharkiv said...

Interesting that this article has nothing to do with the president, but you want to bring-up someone that no longer matters. Get with it Anthony. This is the 21st century. Your lady of the night lost. Deal with it.