Tuesday, October 11, 2011

EU to respond swiftly to Tymoshenko trial

Today a spokesman for EU foreign ministers meeting in Luxemburg said: "All the ministers expressed grave concern about the Tymoshenko case. It is clear that in the event of a deterioration in the situation it will be difficult to avoid delays in signing and ratifying the [association] agreement; " adding that the EU is following the case very closely, and as soon as a verdict is announced, they will study it and respond as quickly as possible.

On September 12th Tymoshenko's trial was adjourned for two weeks - until September 27th. Then on the 30th of that month the trial was again adjourned until Tuesday 11th October, when the court's verdict is expected.

Over the last four weeks the court has sat for only four days, during which lengthy concluding statements were delivered. This has given plenty of time for observers to sift through all of the evidence presented in the four-month trial, and thoroughly assess the entire proceedings.

So a swift response is certain...maybe even written already..


Anonymous said...

What about Lutsenko. He is the forgotten victim of repression in Ukraine. Whilst Tymoshenko is getting international attention Lutzenko is spending his 10th month in imprisonment without conviction whilst his trial drags on.

Bernard said...

There will certainly be a harsh reaction from EU. However, Yanukovych will ignore it, as he has demonstrated again and again that he is fully prepared to sacrifice long term national interests, only to satisfy petty personal vendettas. It is shameful and tragic, and the damage it will cause the Ukrainian nation can hardly be overestimated.