Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tickets to west torn up

The chances of signing association and free trade agreements with the EU are rapidly diminishing. If Tymoshenko is not released from prison very, very soon, the agreements will not be signed and the country's hopes for closer ties with Europe will be in tatters.

Watching last Friday's political shows, there was little sign from PoR spokesman of any possible back down and attacks on the 'devil-woman' Tymoshenko were as vituperative as ever. Even if she were to be released, the persecution will continue...she will be be continually hounded, called in for questioning, hassled, arrested...

On the day of the verdict and sentencing of Tymoshenko her supporters on the street were outnumbered by black-helmeted 'space cadets' - why should the president feel threatened?

'Dzerkalo Tyzhnya' claims Yanukovych finally decided on Thursday to lock up Tymoshenko despite the shitstorm from abroad. They suggest the consequences for the economy of Ukraine if the country turns its back on the EU, could be "catastrophic" .

As the excellent political commentator Vitali Portnikov says, Ukraine has just entered the Eurasian Sovok world without even signing any documents. Their pass card to the Eurasian Union was Tymoshenko's verdict.

LEvko's tip: Dump hryvnya a.s.a.p.

p.s. Big-selling "Donbass" newspaper asks its online readers whether Tymoshenko's sentence was fair.

40% say Yes - she is guilty
53% say No - it's all politics..

Well over 2000 respondents so far....


Anonymous said...

You can not read too much into online pols. For one it is only those that have access to the internet and are motivated that cast votes.

In any event this issue should not be weighed up on the basis of popular opinion but on the merits and justification of the action.

The complaint against Tymoshenko was initiated by Yushchenko's self appointed National Security Council in 2009 the dying days of Yushchenko's presidency. Yushchenko was out to seek revenge.

UkrToday said...

Ukraine needs to hit "Control Alt Delete" and reboot its system but not before it has upgraded some of the most important issues.

It must

Ukraine MUST reform it's Constitution and implement a full parliamentary model of government

Ukraine MUST remove power and authority from the office of the President

Ukraine MUST reform the Parliament to make it more accountable and representative of the people.

Ukraine MUST overhaul the Judiciary and system of law to bring it in line with European values in fulfillment of the principles of rule of law. The Judiciary MUST be independent and professional.

If as predicted by some commentators that Ukraine is about to hit the wall over winter then the next Revolution will be the Control Alt Delete revolution and not some color festive campaign

Bernard said...

There is a stunning naivety manifested in the reactions from Yanukovych and PoR officials on the shit storm they are now facing, also reflected in some of the comments here. It actually seems they think it will just be some critical statements for maybe two weeks, then everything will be normal again. And instead of taking adequate mesures in order to restore the relations with EU, they are even more persistant in forwarding new charges! The immediate twitter message from Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt "The security services in Ukraine now bringing new charges against Tymoshenko are close to President Yanukovich. Pattern clear" I believe is representative of how officials in the democratic community regards these new charges. I think quite frankly many in the west are astounded by the level of stupidity from Ukrainian officials, and in particular that a man of such seemningly limited intellectual capacity can reach the highest office in a country. If the story on the meeting between Merkel and Yanukovych in Warsaw is true, it is almost shocking. The presidential staff at least must have known that this was make or break opportunity, and even so Yanukovych clumsily started to talk in a way that gave the impression he wanted to bargain on economic compensation for releasing Tymoshenko! What was in the mind of Yankukovych and his staff, when they failed to realize this could only be regarded as an insult by Merkel: the obvious implication is that they believe Merkel is ready to sell out basic democratic values. No wonder if Merkel was furious after this meeting. The clumsiness and stupidity of the PoR regime is almost beyond comprehension.

Anonymous said...

Your seem to place too much faith in the EU and other nations to hold Ukraine to account.

Take anther look. It is business as usual. Negotiations will continue, no sanctions will be imposed.

The fact is Ukraine itself needs to stand up and demand justice and rule of law prevail. The number and size of protests in Ukraine in support of Tymoshennko and Lutsenko is minimal to insignificant.

Sure if this happened to the opposition here in the west there would be outrage. Ukraine knows that in two weeks time the media will tire of this story, No action will take place, the Eu will remain silent. Lutsrnko has been imprisoned for a year and still no protest or action by the International community or those that claim they are the defenders of democracy. They did the same thing back in 2007 when Yushchenko violated Ukraine's Constitutional rights. They made a bit of noise then if nothing, The looked on as Yushchenko continued his abuse. What makes you think they will change or do something. Ukraine has lost faith in democracy because of this very reason. Without faith there is little hope,

LEvko said...

On-line O.P.s and straw-polls have to be treated with caution, of course. But I think that it is true to say that although a [slim?] majority of Ukrainians think Tymoshenko is probably guilty of something, these same people cannot precisely define her offences and are uneasy about her jail sentence. Hence the fresh USEU charges?

Anonymous said...

One can only hope. I contacted a number of my Friends who live in Eastern Ukraine, They are not Tymoshenko supporters , and to be honest most would have voted for Party of Regions primarily to defend their right to speak Russia and to maintain a close association with Russia. BUT they also think that Tymoshenko's imprisonment is wrong and negative for Ukraine. They are concerned about the impact it will have with international relations and on Ukraine's already struggling economy. It's the economy issue that worries them the most.

Tymnoshenkos' crime. Governing without a permit.