Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yanuk not welcome in Brussels [updated]

As I predicted in by previous blog...

Today's 'Kommersant' newspaper reports that according to a source: '"Right now there his a high probability that Jose Manuel Barrosso [president of the Eurocommission] will refuse to meet Yanukovych [next week in Brussels]."

They were told by EU representatives: 'We've had it up to here with the actions of Ukraine authorites'.

A Polish Euro-deputy was blunt when addressing the Ukrainian Foreign Minister: 'Mr Hryshchenko, you have betrayed [us] and made a laughing stock of your friends in the EU!'

Prominent German Euro-deputy Elmar Brock claimed: "The visit of Yanukovych possibly may not take place."

Update: The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs are getting their excuses in early to attenuate any political fiasco resulting from Yanuk's possible un-invitation, by claiming that: "The 20th October date was not declared officially. We are preparing for the visit and are interested it takes place as quickly as possible. But everything depends on the dynamics of the Association Agreement negotiation process."

LEvko's fears that even if the meetings take place next week, and even Association Agreements are signed, Ukraine's window of opportunity for Eurointegration may have now closed.. The moment may have passed. Any enthusiasm for it amongst EU members and friends has now drained away...


Bernard said...

Even though Yanukovych was warned on numerous occasions about the consequences for violating basic democratic values, he continued head on into the virtual "shit storm" he is now facing. There has certainly been an underlying Yanukovych fatigue among European and American officials for a long time, waiting to explode. Although I think, even till the last moment, there was some faint hope that Yanukovych could not really be so stupid after it had been spelled out to him in big letters exactly what he was expected to do. But he was that stupid, and now it is too late to prevent the damage.

Anonymous said...

Missing from the various media reports is the rile played by Viktor Yushchenko. It was Yushchenko, acting out of spite, who initiated the complaint and prosecution.

That is not to justify the actions and proceedings taken against Tymsoehnko and other memners of the oppsoition.

If anyone should have been prosecuted for misuse and abuse of public office it is Yushchenko. I suspect more revelations about his allegations of poisoning will surface in the not too distant future.

Questions are still unanswered as to why Yushchenko sent blood samples to be tested in the EU via the USA? Why did he not hold an open judicial inquiry into the allegations and of the alleged poisoning. An inquiry that could have subjected the evidence to proper scrutiny and cross examination. Why has Yushchenko refused to provide additional blood samples under controlled consideration for independent analysis if he has nothing to hide?

elmer said...

Bernard, yes, Yanukonvikt really is that stupid. He is a village idiot. He grew up in a sovok mafia system, in which sovok rhetoric and propaganda created "reality," and everyone was forced to pretend to believe that, yes, it is so, because the sovoks say it is so.

There is an opera called "Lieutenant Kije." Somehow, the Rashan tsar comes to believe that there is a Lieutenant Kije - even though he does not actually exist.

Soooo - if the tsar actually believes that there is a Lieutenant Kije, then his minions will go about and "create" such a person.

The whole opera is about how they create the illusion that Lieutenant Kije exists, even staging a wedding for this non-existent person.

That is the environment in which stupid putz Yanukonvikt and all of his sovok mafia henchmen grew up.

Perception and reality don't match.

And they think that the European Union is like that too. They think that they can just pull out the old sovok propaganda, and the EU will fall for it.

Here is an article from Ukrainian Pravda which explains it perfectly:

One excerpt:

Правий був Дмитро Видрін, який майже десять років тому в інтерв'ю "Українській правді" порівняв Партію регіонів з динозавром - "величезна маса тіла і маленька голова з невеликим об'ємом сірої речовини".

Dmytro Vydrin was right when, almost 10 years ago in an interview with Ukrainian Pravda he said: "The Party of Regions is like a dinosaur - a huge body mass and a tiny head with very little gray matter."

Yes, Bernard, they really are that fatally stupid.

Anonymous said...

When you are in a hole just dig it deeper. The Ukrainian Government know that the West and EU will soon tire and fall silent in their protests within two weeks. And soon the international and local media will also tire of printing the same statements, How many stories are written about Lutsenko's plight? Virtually none or one in hundred if he is lucky. Most so called advocates for democracy have forgotten about Lutsenko's plight. He has been detained for over 10 months and his heath is seriously failing. Yet the EU voices no real concern. Back in 2007 they reacted the same way to Yushshenko's violations of Ukraine;s Constitution. A few word of criticism then silence becomes detherning. We can expect the same in 2012. Same outline just different players.

elmer said...

This story has "staying power," and it won't die easily.

Plus - there will be sanctions.

If Steve Pifer is right, and The Pineapple president is pulling the bandages off slowly, then putting them on again, just to please Firtash, who is leading The Pineapple around by the nose, like a cow, then the story will keep on keeping on.

And as it becomes even more clear who is manipulating The Pineapple, the story will get even bigger.

Welcome to Firtashia, where the "president" is a Pineapple, and the "savior of Ukraine" is the power leading the Pineapple around by the nose.

And, yes, the Pineapple president does have a nose - and a big fat ass - but no brain.