Wednesday, March 06, 2013

A tragic day in Ukraine's history

 Today's high court ruling to strip V.R. member, and Yulia Tymoshenko's top legal adviser, Serhiy Vlasenko, of his parliamentary deputy mandate will have a very negative effect in parliaments of the European Union members.

Every sitting member of parliament knows how hard they fought to secure their seat. They know how precious it is. To witness this being removed at a whim, by the most dubious of legal means, will merely provide more solid evidence of the selective use of the judiciary in Ukraine for persecution of the opposition. Vlasenko's only 'crime' is that of defending Yulia Tymoshenko.

Last week in Brussels Viktor Yanukovych was given a last chance to sort out problems with this selective use of justice by the end of May.

The court decision was a swift, calculated move - intended to break any illusions and nullify any chance of an EU-Ukraine Association Agreement being signed in the Autumn.

European friends of Ukraine are horrified.

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