Sunday, March 24, 2013

Money paid to Shcherban's killer came from bank owned by PoRs member?

The 'Ukrainska Pravda' interview with Hennadiy Moskal, which I mentioned in my previous blog has been mentioned by the '' site.

Here is a precis of what they pick out of the interview:

One of the pieces of 'hard evidence' which, according to prosecutor's, connect Tymoshenko to the murder of Yevhen Scherban, are bank statements that supposedly prove his killers had received money from the  bank accounts of ex-premier Pavlo Lazarenko and Yulia Tymoshenko.

Gennady Moskal, a former police general, says that according to his informers the payment statements revealed so far are incomplete and do not show the entire chain of cash transfers.

According to Moskal, there are documents that some investigators took awat with them when they left their employment. These documents show a very different picture.

"The monies were paid out from the internal income of one of Ukraine's commercial structures ... I do not want to reveal the bank the initial payment was transferred from..and the money then went further.. then further," - said the deputy.

When asked which this bank it was, Mr. Moskal said evasively: "A Ukrainian bank." He noted that the bank belongs to: "The one who today is in the Party of Regions."

OK, the authorities will claim this is disorientation...but one thing is for sure. Bank statements are retained and do exist. There were very big amounts of cash being transferred all over the place...some by large corporations and institutions.

There are paper accounts out there. Hundreds of investigators worked on solving the failed assassination attempt on Pavlo Lazarenko and the killing of Yevhen Shcherban immediately after these events took place.  Moskal says the country's security services are now 'very leaky'..More information will certainly enter the public domain soon and the Shcherban murder case will be even less credible that it is now.

p.s. a former close business partner of Yevhen Shcherban's, Vladimir Karatun, says, in a interview, that "IUD was created to work in conjunction with UESU"

He says IUD could not, on their own, supply gas to the Donetsk oblast.

" agreement was reached according to which IUD and UESU would supply gas to all industrial enterprises engaged in the Donetsk region"

He also states the murdered Shcherban knew Ahat Bragin well, and he had a "close, tight, good relationship" with Rinat Akhmetov.

Strange then that Akhmetov invited Tymoshenko and even warmly greeting her, when the Donbas Arena football stadium was opened a few years ago. Would he have done this had he suspected her of ordering the killing of his close business associate, Yevhen Shcherban?

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Bernard said...

My guess is that the person Moskal is referring to "who today is in the Party of Regions" is Sergei Tigipko. In the mid nineties Tigipko was associated with Lazarenko and even deputy minister in his government. If the money from Lazarenko at some point passed a bank controlled by Tigipko, which appears very likely, it is not surprising if the politically controlled prosecutors want to conceal it. It is also predictable that in the coming Shcherban trial, the "judge" will have strict orders not allow the complete chain of money transfers to be revealed. After all, it is already predetermined that Tymoshenko will be found guilty of ordering the Shcherban killing.