Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thieves now run Ukraine

'Kyiv Post' in their op/ed piece "Ukrainian agribusinessman struggles for justice" describe how "state and local bureaucrats target successful but independent entrepreneurs like Arkady Kornatsky, the owner of a modern agribusiness in the southern Mykolayiv Oblast". They describe how his victory in last Autumn's parliamentary elections were stolen from him,

But yet again, 'K.P.' miss out important background to this story....

Kornatsky's business is being stolen not by bureaucrats, but by Artem Pshonka, son of the prosecutor general of Ukraine Viktor of Yanukovych's closest associates from the old days back in Donetsk..

Kornatsky's parliamentary election victory last autumn was stolen by Party of Regions thugs..and by Mykolayiv Oblast Governor, Mykola Kruglov.

Kruglov was appointed Mykolayiv governor by Yanukovych in March 2010, a few days after he become president.

Kruglov was PM Azarov's deputy when the latter ran the State Tax Administration.

p.s. It seems that the controversial Boris Berezovsky's untimely death was suicide. This man, according to some reports, had been one of the main sponsors of the Orange Revolution, 'investing' up to $40 or $50 million into the campaign.

True to form, Yushchenko, as president, did not  allow him to even enter Ukraine after his victory... what a shitbag....

Sure, BB had plans to use Ukraine in his fight to bring down Putin. Nevertheless, he deserved to be treated better by the duplicitous Yushchenko.

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