Monday, April 29, 2013

EC commissioner's spokesman all but accuses Yanuk's man of fibbing about Tymoshenko

"EC labels alleged removal of Tymoshenko's issue from EU-Ukraine agenda as 'paid advertisement'

"The spokesman for the European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy Stefan Fule, Peter Stano, has described reports about the alleged removal of the issue of Tymoshenko from the agenda of the EU-Ukraine relations a 'paid advertisement' and 'misleading information.'"

Peter Stano names [and shames?] 'Segodnya' newspaper and head of Ukraine's National Security Council, Andriy Kluyev...

One of Kluyev's briefs, as official 'Euro-integrational curator'  is to lubricate links between EU/Ukraine and improve chances of signing of the AA.....he is clearly screwing up on this....

Watch video of what Stano said here 

PS. European Court of Human Rights will give its judgement on the Tymoshenko Vs Ukraine case at 10.30 am local time.

This woman will continue to cast a giant shadow  Ukrainian politics...

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