Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gangster talk in Donetsk oblast

Mayor of Slovyansk, Nelya Shtepa recently publicly addressed city officials. [Video here]

Dressing down the city architect, she said: "I'm tired of you, I'm tired of you! Your idle life today is in no way suited to the life of our city. The city works, all the people are working, and only you remain idle! Enough of this! If you fell under my arm when I went round the city this morning, then you would have been buried today! I do not hit twice, only once...[once] in the snout [morda], and then once on the coffin lid. Straight away - on the coffin lid!"

Slavyonsk is a medium-sized town in the Donetsk oblast, known for its spa.

No wonder the oblast has a gangster reputation because it seems such declarations are quite normal there...but would any decent person do business with such a woman? In such a town where such threats can be made with impunity?

p.s. Shtepa could have a glittering career ahead of her....

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