Tuesday, April 04, 2006

De-bunking suspect claims

I heartily recommend this concise article by the admirable Tammy Lynch: "Sorting through Ukraine’s Post-Election Rhetoric: It’s Time for a Reality Check"

It de-bunks some of the suspect claims made by journalists and observers when discussing the main parties and leaders on the Ukrainian political stage - it's a breath of fresh air..

There's an interesting piece by Dr Ariel Cohen published on the Heritage Foundation site, about troubles brewing in South Ossetia, which if they "spin out of control...can cause a Russian-Georgian military confrontation with unpredictable consequences for the region and the world." There is a gas and oil supply angle to all of this too. Georgia provides an important access route, which avoids Russia, for gas and oil from the Caspian sea region.

Finally, Chairman of Ukraine's Supreme Court Vasyl Malyarenko resigned today. This man should have been 'out of the door' as soon as the new Orange order came to power. I hope his alleged complicity in various crimes can be investigated now that he has failed to gain a place in the Verkhovna Rada and obtain immunity from criminal prosecution. Good riddance...

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