Friday, April 14, 2006

Political hokey-kokey*

Yesterday it looked like the 'democratic coalition' was on the way to being formed when Tymoshenko, Moroz, and Bezsmertnyi signed a coalition protocol.

Today NSNU #1 Yekhanurov stated that according to the protocol, Tymoshenko may well not be PM, 'correcting' Tymoshenko's statement that it will be she that is the main pretender to the post of PM.

Yekhanurov queried paragraph 6 on the signed protocol and says the political council of NU are studying the matter. According to Yekhanurov, "It's important that people understand the principles of the work of this coalition, and not whose physiognomy will head the government, or 'adorn' the cabinet."

Tymoshenko has wasted no time responding, and upped the ante, striking back at NU's backpedalling. She told unian: "The protocol on the [democratic] coalition will be denounced, if NU does not sign it in its totality."

Bezsmertnyi said earlier today that NSNU party council presidium has excluded article 6 of the protocol which may be interpreted that BYuT, as biggest coalition member, selects the PM. Article 6 states that the agreement on the coalition "is being prepared on the basis of the principles, laid out in the memorandum project on [setting up] of the coalition of democratic forces." The memorandum envisaged that the PM will be proposed by the political force who obtains most votes in the election ballot.

Yushchenko held quite a lengthy press conference a couple of days ago. He was quite irritable, rude and agressive to some of the journalist's answering their questions. When asked if he would he agree to YT as PM, instead of obfuscating [which he should really learn to do] he curtly replied, it was not a matter for that day. He praised Yekhanurov - 'a talented PM who wants to be perfect'. During the press conference he mentioned Y.T. only once by name. " became apparent that Moroz and Tymoshenko will support my programe.."

Now the NU bloc is insisting that article 6 be removed from the coalition protocol.

Tymoshenko's response in a TV interview is that article 6 is the 'heart of the protocol' in which all the procedures for creating the coalition agreements are laid out. She appeals President Yushchenko to get involved in the processes going on in NU and stop the ruinous steps of politicians who are fighting to create a coalition between PR and the NU bloc.

But he clearly is in no way reconciled to working with YT as PM even after the mauling NSNU received in the elections.

*English dance song. 'Left leg in, right leg out, in out, in out, shake it all about..


Anonymous said...

That's "Hokey-Pokey".

Thanks for the post, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a ref to a psychedelic version of the dance...