Monday, April 10, 2006

Lights turning to Orange?

Others more qualified than me will provide more detail on today's events, but for the record, leaders of BYuT, NU bloc, and Socialists today, announced: 'The Orange coalition with come into being'. Tymoshenko, Bezsmertnyi and Moroz met together for the first time after the elections, and the participants came out afterwards to meet journalists apparently 'filled with optimism'.

"Coalition trio see no obstacles to signing agreements - the coalition of democratic forces will comprise only three political forces," reports

The next meeting is scheduled in two day's time. By that time the leaders of the parties are to prepare conditions, on the basis of which the future coalition is to act. Any coalition agreement will not be signed however, before the first sitting of the new VR.

In an interview with the Polish "Tygodnik Powczechny" Tymoshenko revealed that she told the President that she is ready to support him in the 2009 Presidential elections, "if we form a unified team today. I can make such a declaration publicly and in writing."

"I am ready to forget the insults," she added. Maybe that's the trade-off - I'll be PM now, but won't challenge you for job as 'top banana' in '09.

But before anyone gets carried away, Petro Poroshenko, Yulka's biggest enemy in NSNU, maybe sensing danger, said in a newspaper interview today, "Yuliya Volodymyrivna as PM would be dangerous for the economy and for democracy."

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