Thursday, July 19, 2007

Parties' preparations for elections far from complete

The orange mega-bloc- NUNS, which was recently formed by NSNU and Yuriy Lutsenko's People's Self-defence [NS] is to create a coalition with BYuT after the September 30th elections in the Verkhovna Rada. The two-sided agreement is being finalized, and will shortly be publicly signed by #1 on NUNS's list, Yuriy Lutsenko, and by Yulia Tymoshenko. According to Viktor Baloha, head of the president's secretariat, this may all be 'rubber-stamped' next week.

Haven't we been here before, last year? Will the agreement hold, even if it means NUNS going into opposition? Can Tymoshenko trust NUNS after last year's double-dealing? With Yushchenko's millionare 'dear friends' all but banished from NU, who is going to pay for the NUNS campaign?

And there is more detailed analysis on the internal opposition inside PoR from here

The article speculates that PoR and Socialists are currently conducting their own private O.P's in preparation for 4th August when PoR, Socialists, and Communists are all, not coincidentally, staging their individual party conferences.

The Socialists, whose ratings have plummeted, may decide to fuse with PoR [if PoR accept them], or declare the elections illigitimate and not register candidates, or split into two groups, with one group only joining with PoR. The could run as an independent party too, of course.

The Communists have to decide whether to construct an alliance with PoR again too.

Even PoR have to formally decide whether to take part in the elections. Akhmetov, Kolesnikov, Bohatyryova and their supporters will go for elections, but Yanukovych, Kluyev and their guys could conceivably refuse to accept any decision, which would really set the cat amongst the pigeons.

All these matters should become clearer after the 4th.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure if I undestand the following - Yulia wants to hold a referendum at the same time as the election. What I do not understand is that this is what PoR wants as well? Is there any action which she takes which does NOT end up benefiting PoR? What gives???
Why not ask people if they want to strip immunity from their political leaders? If people found guilty of bribes or corruption should be prosecuted and jailed? Ask the people what Kuchma's fate should have been after 2004? of course, by this point Kuchma might just be able to have some success if he ran for Pres. office again. Things really are that bad.

Anonymous said...

About Baloha's announcement in regards to creating a mega-block with Byut, I think that it was a blind. There is no way Yulia would agree to this and she has made it clear for months now that her party is not interested in any agreement. And Baloha knows this very well as it witnessed by the list of PM candidates put up by Our Ukraine - Yulia's name is not on it. And the only that she would agree to go into a bloc would be if she was guaranteed the PM spot. No longer is it about trust but it is about self interest.

Anonymous said...

I asked the same question as the following: "Навіщо Юлії Тимошенко під час виборів ще й референдум?"

and these are some political analysts answers to that ques.