Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Roads closed and other not good things

One of the major newspapers in Kiev is reporting that all roads are closed coming into Kiev. The roads are reported to be blocked by tractor trailer rigs. But, apparently, the roads are not blocked to Yanukovych supporters.

In a county close to Kiev, police blocked the road with tractors and other machinery preventing busloads of Yuschenko supporters.

And Yanukovych has just declared the protestors to be “provocateurs” which I take to mean some sort of criminal or enemy of the state. But that would mean about a half a million people.

Some of the special forces from Rodina Mat have been moved to the Rada. One hundred thousand supporters are there now protesting.

Another news site is reporting that there are Russian spetznaz (special forces) in that same area outside of Kiev reported by Channel 5. I still don't know how they can tell.

Not good news.

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