Monday, November 22, 2004

Something like a strike?

My brother-in-law is home now from work. He says they closed down the plant he works at and the employees were told they could go down to Independence Square if they wanted to. He is getting ready to go down there right now. (I may make my way there too.) The plant will be closed for a week.

This is the largest candy manufacturer in the country. They employ thousands of people.

But he has heard that all the other factories in Kiev are closing also. This is hard to believe but if true, it is like a general strike, but this is with the acquiescence of management. This makes things more interesting. Maybe we have reached a tipping point here. I hope so.

There are reports that Yuschenko supporters will be setting up 1500 tents in Independence Square. That is in an area about 20 acres in size.

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