Saturday, August 04, 2007

What some Russians think about the Donetskiites

I've loosely translated this article from the Donbas-based website:

"Kremlin thinking about change of Donetsk oligarchs and economic expansion in Ukraine

The present Ukrainian elite is not carrying out its pre-election promises on friendship with Russia and the protection of the Russian language; therefore Moscow must 'nurture' a new generation of pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine, in parallel with conducting economic expansion in the former Soviet republic.

Russian GosDuma deputy Dmitriy Rogozin stated on the 'Novyi Region' webite site:
"Russia is a great country and she should have long ago in Ukraine grown either a political force, or politicians, who would be objective with respect to Russia and within a framework of pan-Slavic matters, to do much beneficial work in Ukraine for our common future."

"I consider that Russia must act very firmly on the subject of development of its own partners in the territory of Ukraine, at least in its eastern and southern parts, and to use for this the power of Russian business, purchasing those enterprises in Ukraine, which can be useful from the point of view of development of good neighbourly relations," added Rogozin.

According to him, the Kremlin should not offer any support to Viktor Yanukovych's Party of Regions in the snap parliamentary election in September.

"We've twice become the witnesses of impudent fraud by Ukrainian politicians, both at the time of Kuchma, and of Yanukovych, with respect to status of the Russian language. The whole of Russia is being taken for a fool - a burdock leaf, slapped to someone's political a** only because one after another, Ukrainian politicians want to use the Russian factor for their victory - we should not be so naive in this game, " Rogozin added.

Those, whom the Kremlin attempts to represent as pro-Russian politicians, these people just use the situation to develop their own businesses. For example, the Donetsk group, I do not consider them long-term allies - because they are interested only in specific benefits e.g. in the pricing policy for gas for their own enterprises. But their aspirations lie to the West, their money lives in the West. And therefore, in such important questions for Russia as membership of Ukraine in NATO, most likely, they will whore themselves and adopt a position that's no good for us." concluded the Russian deputy.

p.s. My enquiries lead me to believe that burdock leaves, which are quite large and have a woolly under-surface, are an agreeable alternative for wiping one's bottom, particularly when there is no paper to hand, 'in the field' etc.

p.p.s. There may be some truth in what Mr Rogozin says..And how many of his GosDuma colleagues think the same way?

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Anonymous said...

Oh, no!

Russia has been defrauded, defrauded, I tell ya', by Ukrainians, who have committed not just fraud, but impudent fraud, against Russia.

Someone call the police!

Russia has been defrauded by Ukrainian elections and by Ukrainian politicians!

Rather odd for Rogozin to be claiming that "their money lives in the West," isn't it, when so many Ukrainian assets have been sold to - Russians?

Maybe the new slogan of the PR should be:

"Don't defraud Russia - vote for BYUT!"