Friday, February 06, 2009

Only 10 NUNS deputies support ousting of Tymshenko's government

Only 10 NUNS deputies supported a PoR-sponsored no confidence motion in the Tymoshenko-led government in the Ukrainian parliament today. Amongst the 10 were presidential secretariat head Viktor Baloha's 'Yedyniy Tsentr' group, and Yushchenko's brother Petro.

The numbers are very bad news for the president. The pro-presidential NUNS entered the current parliament with 72 deputies in Autumn 2007. With an ever-receding power base, the chances of a second presidential term for Yushchenko are almost nil.

PoR are to hold a party conference, maybe next month, to decide where they go from here.

Meanwhile Viktor Baloha describes Tymoshenko's progress report delivered before parliament today as having "all the characteristics of a theatrical production with elements of fantasy"; and "of representing the country as a fairytale state where all the good things are performed by a magic fairy".

"Yu.Tymoshenko utilised all of her actor's talents and clever juggling of facts to remove resposibility for personal failings in the economy," added Baloha. [Isn't this what all politicians do?]


Anonymous said...

Isn't this what all politicians do? Yes, especially Tymoshenko who is now living in her own reality space which is detached from the rest of the real world.

Unknown said...

Perhaps Yulia has some issues of reality, but at least she did not desert the Ukrainian people like Yush because he hated her so much. In the past, Yush had things to offer, but since he brought in Baloha, he has been nothing other than an obstructionist president, and to be truthful...if you talk about reality...this president has lost complete touch with reality.

Anonymous said...

Wake Up! Tymoshenko is the ruination of Ukraine. Now she's willing to sell the whole kit and kaboodle for a mere 5Bn. Wonder how much of that 5Bn she'll stick in her own pocket before she makes her final exit? Wonder who'll she'll blame then?

LEvko said...

Thanks for the comments. Whatever anyone's opinion about YuVT, she did survive a vote of no confidence in parliament. If the president were to put his 'head [or other part of his anatomy] on the block'in parliament today in the same manner, there is surely no doubt what the outcome would be.

Anonymous said...

The only reason she was able to avoid a vote of no confidence is the fact that Lytvin is too afraid of losing his Speakers Seat yet again. Notice Yulka refuse to vote in legislation to finance forensics of Melnychenko tapes. Obviously a payback for Lytvins support. So please save the hysterics about parliamentary support for this broken princess.

Anonymous said...

The PM's scrounging and begging for a loan to bail her failure in landing a 16.5 bln loan. 5 bln, compared to 16.5 blin. That is a clear picture she wants to call the shots, no matter what others (IMF) that are much more qualified than her. She squandered an opportunity to get Ukraine out of a huge hole that "she" as the governments PM couldn't do on her own. Yanukovich accomplished much more than the current PM in a short time as compared to what the current PM has accomplished. How many forget what Yekhanurov did with the "same" president. Why couldn't the others do the same. Or are there some in Ukraine that want to deny what Yekhanurov accomplished, when he had Ukraine progressing tremendously. The current PM assisted the selected few that had old soviet bank accounts with a very qualified populist move. Tell us what percentage of 46 mln had those bank accounts? Tell us what did she do for the REST? Tell us how inflation is at 22% for the last 12 months. Why hasn't she attempted to balance the budget which the IMF requested? She abandoned the majority of Ukrainians and appeased very few. The only thing on her mind is to manipulate who she can for the sake of her presidential ambitions, not to protect Ukrainians. By her recent moves, tell me what's important to her, the presidency or Ukrainians people. I hear some saying how great she is for Ukrainians. Let's see how honest you can be and give us details of what she has accomplished for the majority of Ukraine. If she's such a strong leader, then why has she failed so much. Tell us how she can make a move and convince the Finance Minister to resign in such a tragic time in Ukrainian history. Who on this planet would get rid of their Finance Minister in the middle of a possible default? Unbelievable how many of you can be so blind, and be in so much denial of what is black and white. Simply amazing.