Sunday, February 01, 2009

Testosterone-driven president

Read President Yushchenko's latest address to the nation, in English here

Where is this leading to, I wonder?

Last Monday, in the long 'Svoboda Slova' TV programme, PM Tymoshenko expressed fear that Yushchenko is deliberately cranking up the economic crisis in order to establish direct presidential rule...

BTW: "Women tend to be more risk averse when it comes to financial gambles,"... "They tend to trade less and that tends to be a better strategy. With more 'average women' trading, maybe the stock market would look different."

And we wouldn't be in the global mess we're in right now..


Gene said...

I agree with Yush that Yulia made a bad deal with the gas arrangements with Putin.
But, the budget? He signed it without a lot of comment. If it was so bad, why didn't he veto it? He's never been bashful about vetoing anything, especially if it was something Yulia was trying to accomplish.
Perhaps the budget is not the best. He may be right. But, the real blame falls on his shoulders. He has refused to work with Yulia from the start. Together they could have accomplished much for Ukraine, but he was too interested in his ego and not interested enough in Ukraine and its needs. are a major disappointment. I had so much hope for you, but you preferred being an obstructionist president instead of one who accomplishes things and works with people.

Anonymous said...

The question is Yushchenko who has less then 4% public support so desperate and stupid as to initiate a Presidential Coup in order to hang on to office a little longer?

All indications is that Yushchenko's term of office will come to an end and he will not be re-elected to a second term.

Any act by Yushchenko to declare a State of Emergency and initiate Presidential rule would signal the death of democracy and possible Ukraine as an independent state.

A state of emergency would most certainly put an end for many years to come Yushchenko's efforts to see Ukraine become a member of NATO let alone any prospect of Ukraine joining the EU. It is virtually impossible for NATO ro the EU to consider Ukraine a candidate state under such circumstances.

Yushchenko whilst paying lip service to the notion of Democracy has never really supported Ukraine adopting a European style democratic parliamentary system.His actions have been to a large extent anti-democratic. The imposition of Presidential rule would seriously diminish any hope for stability on Ukraine.

Yushchenko should resign and allow Ukraine to elect a head of state that has the respect and confidence of the Ukrainian people. If he does not resign then Parliament should initiate his impeachment. Without delay.