Monday, June 08, 2009

It's over..

PM Tymoshenko has blamed Viktor Yanukovych for walking out on negotiations on formation of the PoR/BYuT coalition. If agreement had been achieved it had been speculated that Yanukovych could have been voted President in parliament, and Tymoshenko's term as PM extended until 2015 when simultaneous parliamentary and presidential elections could have been eventually held.

As I suggested in a previous blog, because of Yanukovych's and PoR's strong ratings, logically there never was that much in it for them - they may probably gain success in subsequent presidential and parliamentary elections in any case.

Tymoshenko would have had much more to gain from a PoR/BYuT deal because her new partners would have had to take their share of responsibility for any further economic failures while she remained PM.

Yushchenko would have been able to raise his profile by accusing Yanukovych and Tymoshenko of cynically fixing the democratic process in the country, turning it into a oligarchy - power being held by a small elite segment of society. [But isn't this largely the case already?]

It was PoR leaders with the shadiest backgrounds, like Boris Kolesnikov and Andriy Kluyev, who were supportive of the 'shyrka'. It would have guaranteed them [and their assets] a quiet future.

Tymoshenko released an emotional statement tonight on the current political situation She denied that election of president in parliament, extension of the authority of parliament, or curtailing the freedom of expression were ever under discussion.

"I will never drop my arms, and will not stop my fight with the crisis. Today I am on my own, one-on-one with this crisis. From the others - irresponsibility and conscious resistance to my work. But even this will not hinder us from winning...
But if the men do not have enough courage, responsiblity, do not have sufficient dignity and honour, then I have enough of these. And because of this, now, to prove that you did not stand on all of the maidans, streets and squares in vain, I declare that I'm going to stand in the presidential elections, and I will be victorious!"

She will be a fearsome opponent..

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elmer said...

A while back, she vowed - VOWED - that she would never enter into a "shyrka" with the Party of Regions.

Her speech tonight was not so much an emotional plea, as it was an attempt to justify her shenanigans when she got caught.

No "shyrka"? The crisis changed everything.

No anti-crisis program? Blame everyone else.

"She denied that election of president in parliament, extension of the authority of parliament, or curtailing the freedom of expression were ever under discussion."

She's LYING - that was the point of it all.

This was like the merger of corporations, because in Ukraine government is all about corporations.

And it was about who was in, who was out, who was going to be on top.

And, as you mention, it was about ending the "war of all against all" and letting the oligarchs continue to use government to steal - in "peace" and "stability."

Dealing with the crisis was a pretext for changing the Constitution.

It is NOT necessary to change the Ukrainian Constitution in order to deal with the crisis.

They simply had to get together and agree on an anti-crisis program and implement.

They got together and voted the Defense Minister, Yekhanurov, out.

The got together and unconstitutionally declared that prez elections would take place in October - to prevent Yushchenko's threatened disbanding of Parliament.

In short, they've been dealing with everything BUT the crisis.

I hung on to Yushchenko as long as I could. He blew it, he screwed the pooch.

I have hung on to Tymo as long as I could.

I could not understand the vitriolic hatred of Tymo - вона буде лізти до влади на ТРУПАХ - she will walk over corpses to grab for power.

I could not believe that she would resort to secret talks to change the Constitution.

Yanukovych and the Party of Regions - well, that's just the Donbass Mafia.

Nothing to hang on to there.

But I now understand thd vitriolic criticism of Tymo.