Sunday, June 07, 2009

Will PRyBYuT fly?

A straw poll in 'Segodnya' asks readers:

What can Ukraine expect in the event of a Por/BYuT coalition?

Latest results:
  • On the whole, the new coalition will not change anything in the country 32%
  • A reduction of democracy and usurpation of authority by the two major parties 24%
  • Quick quarreling between the two parties and renewed confrontation between president Yanukovych and PM Tymoshenko 24%
  • Stabilisation of the political situation 9%
  • More effective emergence of the country from the crisis 7%
    Improved relationships with Russia and a struggle with Ukrainian nationalists 5%

Quite a few BYuT deputies are sceptical about the formation of PoR/ByuT.

And 'Regiony' have doubters in their ranks also. Yanukovych and Tymoshenko have a big job on in order to 'make it fly'.

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elmer said...

So now the bastards are trying to calculate how much opposition they'll have from the public.

The Court - well, Tymo is already working on that with her mortal enemy Baloha, who has "influence" with some members of the Court, which will have to pass on this.

And the media - well, between Yanuk's party and Tymo's party, they can put on any sort of propaganda blitz.

The public - are they paying attention, and do they understand how serious a threat this is?