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Herman says Yanuk legend in his own lunchtime

For buttock-clenchingly embarassing a**-licking from deputy head of the presidential administration, Hanna Herman, this surely "takes the biscuit"..

"The most valuable thing I have gained, thanks to the years of working with Viktor Yanukovych, is experience. Never, anywhere, in any university in the world would I have received such a great understanding of people and processes than from communicating with that person, politician, and state figure."

According to her, Yanukovych's greatness has not yet been fully recognised and valued properly.

"Very few people really know Yanukovych. The full value of this man has not yet been fully assessed. Even his election as president, a very high position, but even so, is far from a full assessment of this political figure".

"Many years will pass..and some time in the future our great-grandchildren will be told legends about a little orphan boy who had the hardest life you could imagine. Who overcame all difficulties. Was strong. Became good and fair to the people and brought the country to the path of prosperous development", gushed Herman.

"Yanukovych will become a legend for generations to come, because even in the next hundred years it is hardly likely anyone will be able to repeat what he has managed to do in his life. I learned a lot fromYanukovych. And, perhaps most importantly - to encounter life's losses and life's gains, with dignity."

What drivel..

"In Greek myth and tragedy, hubris (or hybris) is the pretension to be godlike, and thereby fail to observe the divine equilibrium among god, man, and nature...In other words, hubris is the capital sin of pride, and thus the antithesis of two ethics that the Greeks valued highly: aidos (humble reverence for law) and sophrosyne (self-restraint, a sense of proper limits).

Words and phrases like the following—overweening pride; self-glorification; arrogance; insolence; overconfidence in one’s ability and right to do whatever one wants, to the point of disdaining the cardinal virtues of life; ignoring other people’s feelings; overstepping boundaries; and impiously defying all who stand in the way—are found in descriptions of people who have hubris.

In Greek literature, hubris often afflicted rulers and conquerors who, though endowed with great leadership abilities, abused their power and authority and challenged the divine balance of nature to gratify their own vanity and ambition. Thus hubris was no common evil: It led people to presume that they were above ordinary laws, if not laws unto themselves—to presume they deserved to exceed the fate and fortune ordained by the gods.

Acts of hubris aroused envy among the gods on Mt. Olympus and angered them to restore justice and equilibrium. Nemesis, the goddess of divine vengeance and retribution, might then descend to destroy the vainglorious pretender, to cut man down to size and restore equilibrium."


Yanukovych and spokesmen for ruling authorities claim the spate of arrests of Ukraine's opposition parties leaders, and criminal proceedings directed against them, are strictly non political.

In an interview with the "Washington Post", Yanukovych says:"The country has started a broad campaign against corruption and violation of the law. It is not a selective approach based on political reasons. This campaign affects representatives [regardless of] political party."

The normally urbane and mild-mannered former Minister of Foreign Affairs Boris Tarasyuk, challenges this proposition in his blog.

On 16th December last year, parliamentary opposition deputies who were blocking the dais were physically assaulted and driven out of parliament in a planned, premeditated attack by an organised mob of Party of Regions deputies [video here]

Tarasyuk and 25 MPs from the opposition wrote to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine demanding a criminal investigation on the circumstances surrounding these events during which several opposition deputies received nasty injuries. In his blog he publishes the reply from the Kyiv P.G.'s office.

It says that Tarasyuk's demands has been combined with materials of a criminal case opened on account of "illegal influence on the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine which prevented them from executing their duties, committed by individuals using their official position", in other words, it is the opposition deputies who could possibly be charged with committing a criminal act, [subject to the removal of their parliamentary immunity], not their violent assailants..

Blocking the Verkhovna Rada has taken place many times over the years. Tarasyuk estimates that during the first six sessions of 6th convocation, when the Party of Regions, were in opposition, the working of Parliamentary pleniary sessions was blocked completely for at least 54 full days, but no criminal charges were ever raised, nor were brute force tactics ever used to unblock Parliament.

At 7 p.m. on 16th December 2010 when the attack on the opposition deputies occurred, parliament was not it session and most deputies had already gone home.

Tarasyuk recalls that at the end of December 2006 year and the beginning of 2007, when he was Minister of Foreign Affairs, a group of deputies from Party of Regions physically prevented him from attending meetings of the cabinet in the cabinet office. This criminal act has not been investigated by the Prosecutor General to this day.

"I have no doubt that the criminal assault on deputies also will not receive proper legal evaluation by law enforcement agencies. On the contrary, most likely, this criminal case will be used as one lever [to apply] pressure on the opposition, and the use of chairs as an argument in political debate will become normal practice by parliamentary majority parties.

Unfortunately, this is yet another vivid piece of evidence of the path taken by the current government to build an authoritarian state regime, where the law enforcement system plays a repressive role when dealing with dissenters, to protect those in power," says Tarasyuk.


"They lie without conscience, twist the facts, hire people in Europe, the USA and inside the country, with stolen money..and disorientate the whole world and Ukrainian society." says president Yanukovych.

But it may just as well have been Yulia Tymoshenko talking about Yanukovych and his mob..

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