Sunday, February 06, 2011

TV audience thinks democracy under threat in Ukraine

Following recent 'fuzzy' statements by European and U.S. authorities expressing concern about the possible roll-back of Ukrainian democracy, one of the topics under discussion in Last Friday's "Shuster Live" UT-1 channel show was: "Is there a threat to democracy in Ukraine?"

A supposedly balanced studio audience, comprising a group of students/graduates and a group of employers, were asked this same question. The results [about 70 minutes into this video], were as follows:

Students/graduates, at start of programme 16% No, 84% Yes,
after the discussion 12% No, 88% Yes.

Employers, at start of programme 20% No, 80% Yes,
after discussion 8% No, 92% Yes...

Party of Regions fielded some of their biggest hitters in the debate, but their arguments were clearly not persuasive.

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