Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Polish delegation laughs at clowns in VR

A couple of weeks ago I called the Ukrainian parliament a 'shabby circus'

Today a Polish pariamentary delegation visited the Verkhovna Rada just as voting was taking place.

As usual, a handful of 'piano player' deputies ran around from seat to seat voting on behalf of their colleagues. This caused much amusement amongst the Polish visitors, some of whom recorded the event on their camera-phones and video cameras [see video here]

In Poland voting on behalf of a parliamentary colleague is strictly illegal and would result in a major scandal - any transgressor would be kicked out of parliament.

In Ukraine, according to the Constitution it is also not permitted, but hey, what can you expect from a bunch of clowns..

p.s. President Yanukovych was in Kharkiv today. As he entered a meeting of the local regional council for economic reform, a stern-voiced master of ceremonies announced: "Ladies and gentlemen!....the President of Ukraine!...Viktor...Yushchenko!...[see funny video here] - You can almost hear the grating teeth..."Why am I surrounded by imbeciles.."

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