Thursday, February 24, 2011

Poke in the eye for Firtash,

Bully Firtash gets poke in the eye in London court

also this from FT

Firtash's crumby complaint here

All reminds me of a friend who took a case to court....then lost.

After talking with my friend, his lawyer told him, "You know what, you've got a verrrry goood case....."

After the court hearing my friend asked the lawyer, "What happened? said we had a good case."

The lawyer replied, "Yes, we had a very good case...but we lost....and oh, here is my bill...and you better pay me within the month, if you know what's good for you.."

I'm hope the English lawyers don't sell themselves short with the billing..

p.s. Tomorrow, Friday 25th February, president Yanukovych will be appearing on television after exactly one full year in office. Viewers have been asked to send in question to the the programme, which is entitled: "A conversation with the country".

'Unian' reports that of the 7,000 questions submitted to their site, the most popular was, "How can one survive on a monthy pension of 800 hryven, or on a wage of 1000 hryven? 'Unian' notes the questioners do not say, 'how can one live' on such an income, 'but how can one survive'...

Many ask, "Where are the promised improvements to life today, already?" - this had been Yanukovych's presidential election campaign slogan..

Today it was reported that a chandelier for Yanukovych's Mezhyhirya residence has been purchased... for and eye-watering $50,000...

Another of the president's residences, 'Synyohora' in the Carpathian mountains has been refurbished at a cost of 33 Million hryven, even though it's is just a few years old...l
IMO it still looks like sh*t.

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