Sunday, February 12, 2012

Khodorkovsky and Tymoshenko

I a few weeks time the movie: "Khodorkovsky" will be released. [Brief trailer video and details here ]

The film hints that Khodorkovsky may have 'actually gone to jail on purpose' i.e. instead of fleeing, he wanted to become a martyr and, eventually become president. As one of his Yukos colleagues said, right now: 'He has become Putin's personal hostage'.

Former PM Yulia Tymoshenko is increasingly being referred to as 'Ukraine's Khodorkovsky'.
She, and former Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko, whose trial is drawing to an end, both knew what awaited them.

In a recent interview, BYuT deputy Roman Zabzaliuk, who in a sting operation induced turncoat deputy Ihor Rybakov to give him bribe of nearly half a million dollars, says Rybakov, when asked about Tymoshenko, curtly told him: "She got what she wanted". This is not the first time such thoughts have been expressed by members of the ruling party. The opportunity for flight was available.

Wily parliamentary speaker, Volodymyr Lytvyn, said, when asked about Tymoshenko last Friday on 'Shuster Live: "We are at a dead end. Ukraine has become a hostage of the problem of Yulia Tymoshenko....there will be no ratification of the Association Agreement with the EU until this problem is solved...Ukraine, its people, have become hostages of this situation". Lytvyn alleged that the opposition were somehow hindering the setting up of legal mechanisms or manipulations to free her.

I would suggest it was not 'Ukraine' or its people that sent her to prison. Only one man bears responsibility - the president. She has become Yanukovych's personal hostage - the analogy with Kodorkovsky is fair.

Few predict Putin will remain president for another 12 years when he wins the next elections. Few can predict Tymoshenko will remain imprisoned for 7 years; but how things work out for these two is unpredictable..nevertheless they will both remain at the heart of politics in their respective countries.

Maybe we will be watching a movie about Tymoshenko soon?


elmer said...

Well, actually, as I recall, a few years back, the Rashans actually made a porno movie about Tymoshenko, using a Tymo look-alike.

On the Shuster show, Lytvyn used typical sovok mafia thug perverted logic.

Ukraine has a stalinist show trial system. Tymoshenko and 11 others were criminally charged, based on obvious political motivations - and on revenge motivations, because Firtash and RUE were cut out of a huge source of money supply for yanusvoloch's Predators of Regions party.

Procedurally, Zookraine's legal system still relies on stalinist methods.

Zookraine's constitution guarantees a basic, fundamental right - the right to a jury trial - but juries have NEVER been implemented in Zookraine, as one might expect.

One need not look any farther than the violation of the right to a jury trial to conclude and hold, quite correctly, that the trumped up "verdict" in Tymo's case must be overturned.

That would be true in any other democracy. But Zookraine is a stalinist, sovok mafia thug state.

So Lytvyn "struggles" with his perverted "logic" about Zookraine being held hostage.

But he and his fellow sovok mafia thugs are the ones who are holding Zookraine hostage.

The "verdict" against Tymo screams that it must be overturned, due to the violation of the fundamental right to a jury trial.

Except for Lytvyn and his fellow sovok mafia thugs, who know nothing except perverted logic and rationalizations to save face.

The trials against 11 former officials scream "stalinist show trial system." Except, of course, for Lytvyn and company, who are used to perversion, distortion, disinformation and dysfunction.

Anonymous said...

Tymoshenko’s indictment and the dubious charges laid against her that resulted in her being imprisoned was initiated by Yushchenko at the bequest of Firtash back in 2009. A fact that often is over looked when the media is often focused on Yanukovych.

Yes her imprisonment is unjust and has seriously impacted on Yanukovych’s presidency. Even the good things that he may achieve are being overshadowed by the Tymoshenko affair.

Never the less the problem facing Ukraine remains the Presidnetial system.

As long as Ukraine retains presidential authority it will never be a free democratic state.

Even as a martyr it is difficult to see Tymoshenko being elected President let alone uniting the nation.

The opposition has delt itself a blow by supporting the recent changes to UkrIne’s electoral laws. It has made it that much harder for the opposition to win a Majority of Parliamentary seats at the next election. The opposition holding 40 marginal seats below 50% compared to the government only having 16 marginal seats and a majoirty of teh single meber electorates, Not enough to win government, even if they can win a majority it will be a slender victory with the President still holding all the trump cards and the power to appoint government and if need be. All a fresh parliamentary election in one years time.

Again, as long as Ukraine retains presidential authority it will continue to suffer divisions and instability.

The opposition needs to listen and adopt the advice given by the European community, PACE and the Venice Commission and implement Consitutional reform and the establishment of a full parliamentary system of democracy.

Anonymous said...

Recent news published is that Yushxhenko is intending to run for parliament in November. It is u clear if he will be seeking a position on a braden ticket or if he will be running as a member of his own party. It is highly doubtful that he could be elected. He is a poisoned challis, and a serious liability. The pols have his support rating at less than two percent.his party most certainly would not cross the five present representation thrash hild. As ukraine does not have a preferntial "alternativev" voting system, those who would support him would be throwing away their vote. What is worst they will be minimizing the potential votes for the opposition. Yushchenko has stated that he will not be standing in the single member constituencies which uses a first-past-the-post voting system. But it is still unclear if he would be supporting other members of his party nomination. Und the first-past-the-post voting system any third party candidate takes away votes from the main party candidates making it that much harder for opposition forces to be elected.

Yushchenkois the cancer from within. He is so despised there is little chance thathe could be elected but his minimal support will make the difference between a win or a loss. Dividing and reducing the chances of those he claims he is helping.

Yushchenko has no self respect and he is not only prepared to put at risk an opposition victory but he would further bring himself into disrepute by being seen as a failed candidate that put at risk the oppositions success.

Analysis of the new new voting system places the opposition at a distinct disadvantage as Thenopposition has less then 40% of the winning seats with over 48 marginal seats tithe governments 16 marginal seats below 50% support. Even if the opposition was able to cross the line and secure a majority, highly unlikely, it would be a very narrow win again leaving the opposition open to bribes to secure a change of allegance. The first persons to sell-out would be Yushchenko and his team.

Yushchenko is basically unelectable, a liability not an asset.

If Yushchenko really cared about Ukraine he would move to the USA and stay out of politics.