Thursday, February 23, 2012

Opinion hardening - Tymoshenko is being maltreated

After medical investigations and scans last November it was generally agreed that the imprisoned former PM Yulia Tymoshenko was suffering from a herniated disc in her spine.

Treatment for this frequently painful condition varies from 'Rest and Activity Modification', 'Ice and Heat Application', 'Therapy'...prescription of various medications...steroid injections ...through to various surgical procedures, depending on the condition of the patient and the diagnosis of physicians.

I have posted two previous blogs [here and here] about what I consider Ukrainian authorities' demonstratively brutal treatment of Tymoshenko.

Several days ago she was examined by a team of German and Canadian doctors - but as usual, the Ukrainian authorities have tried to muddy the waters.

Attempts by Ukrainian Minister of Health and PoR spokesmen to 'rubbish' the three Canadian doctors who examined her in advance of their diagnosis being made known prompted a strong reaction from the Canadian Ambassador.

Some PoR spokesmen have suggested that Tymoshenko is faking her illness, adding that maybe it would be good idea if a psychiatrist was also summoned...

Statements from Ukraine's penitentiary service usually declare that Tymoshenko's state of health is satisfactory. and that no surgical procedures are necessary.

However, they recently admittted they cannot exclude the possibility that an operation may be required to treat her condition .

The only comment thus far from the two emininent Berlin doctors has been: "The sitation with the state of her health is very serious."

Today 'Kyiv Post' reports: [Zuzana] Roithova, former healthcare minister of the Czech Republic and a member of the European People's Party which has long supported Tymoshenko, visited Kiev this week and saw part of Tymoshenko's medical records dating back to November 2011.

"(The record) clearly shows that even then the medical findings concerning the lumbar spine area required proper treatment with anaesthetics, followed by appropriate rest and a further decision on possible surgical solution following more examinations," Roithova said in a statement.

"That would have been the standard procedure. Instead, however, she was deprived of her supportive crutches, she spent endless hours interrogated and was even temporarily deprived of the painkillers."

Roithova said she would "be taking much more seriously the concerns of Tymoshenko's family, who fear that Yulia Tymoshenko could be exposed to toxic substances so she would succumb to the pressure upon her".

"Yulia Tymoshenko's health raises concerns that she has been maltreated while being in prison," she said."

Apart from sadistic pleasure and cruel demonstration to intimidate politicial enemies, I fail to see what else Yanukovych and his thugs intend to gain from this..

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