Monday, February 06, 2012

Yanyk plugs his own corrupt company..

Video of Yanukovych's 12 minutes of "eyewash" - part of the "Energy, Resources, Environment" panel during last week's 48th Munich Security Conference here

Also on the stage were the Presidentof Azerbaijan, Commissioner for Energy, European Union, G√ľnther H. Oettinger, Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt, and others.

Hillary Clinton gave him a telling off, accorting to this diplo-speak Department of State briefing

Arseniy Yatesenyuk asked Yanukovych a pertinent question from the floor: " You did a lot to be somehow benign to our Russian partners. You eliminated [our] NATO membership perspective, you extended the mandate to the Russian Black Sea Fleet on Ukrainian territory. Despite this Russian is not really so co-operative, we still pay the highest price in Europe for gas, Mr president, what should you do with our Russian partners?"

[Video of Yatsenyuk's full question here - His mention of Tymoshenko gained some applause]

Instead of replying directly Yanukovych mentioned that Ukraine is successfully diversifying its energy security, and in particular described the construction of major solar power stations in the country.

Read Serhyi Leshchenko's award-winning exposure of the Ukrainian head of state's corrupt links with Austrian 'Activ Solar' who are tightly linked with these projects, [in English], here

And also from 'F.N.' here

Yanukovych was shamelessly putting in a 'plug' for his own corrupt company....No wonder he got the cold shoulder from Oettinger.

More on this story from 'ZIK' here

p.s. Ex-ua - another black mark on the current administration?

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