Monday, December 05, 2011

Investigative journalist exposing Ukrainian corruption receives award

A few weeks ago I posted a blog about 'Ukrainska Pravda's' exposure of corrupt links between First Deputy Prime Minister Andriy Klyuyev and president Yanukovych himself.

Their articles reveal how First Vice Prime Minister Klyuyev allocated state aid from the Ukrainian budget for the benefit of his Austrian-registered 'Activ Solar' business.

The final owner of the Viennese 'Activ Solar' is a Liechtenstein-registered trust that is the nominal owner of Yanukovych's 'Mezhyhirya' palace and also owner of his extensive hunting grounds and lodges in Sukholuchchi near Kyiv.

Several days ago one of 'U.P's authors, Serhiy Leshchenko, received a prestigious award from the Polish Reporter's Foundation, in the presence of the Polish Foreign Minister Radoslav Sikorski, for his work.

Leshchenko, in his blog, informs readers that well-known shit-stirrer Mykhalo Brodsky, who now works for Kluyev, has started a cheapo campaign of invective to discredit him and other 'U.P.' reporters..

Naturally Brodsky does not challenge any of the solid evidence produced in the 'U.P' story - is this because the award-winning piece of journalism is all true?


Anonymous said...

It could be that it do so would be giving credence and promotion to the stories and its author. But it is clear that Austria has a defining influence in Ukrainian affairs to Poland's disliking

Bernard said...

Leshchenko is a brave and intelligent journalist that fully deserves this prize, and I hope he keeps up his good work, despite occasional dirty threats from those close to the power elite, see for example

If the comment from anonymous 2:44 should be taken as an answer to the question on the reasons for Brodsky not to challenge the truth of the story, it is strange in several aspects. Contrary to what is implied, it is normally perceived as discrediting if it can be shown that something a journalist has written is in fact false. Thus, the reason Brodsky does not address the factual statements of the article can hardly be interpreted as a wish not to give Leshchenko undeserved credit, but rather, as LEvko suspects, it indicates that he actually cannot dispute the solid evidence put forward. Further, in what way does the fact that Leshchenko is awarded this prize make it clear that "Austria has a defining influence in Ukrainian affairs"? And why should this be to "Poland's disliking"? It appears there are some underlying assertions here, that anonymous should be honest to state more directly.

Anonymous said...

The role of the devils advocate is to challenge the statements made. In order to do so is to put forward scenario and hypotheses. No one person opinion reflects the full truth of a matter. but anyone who has been involved in Ukraine would not that both Austria and Hungary play a significant role in Ukrainian affairs. Austrian banks and investment in Ukraine is the highest of all European Countries. Poland and Austria are in effect competing for influence in Ukraine as is the US