Friday, December 30, 2011

Corruption scandals of 2011

For those who understand Ukrainian I recommend last Monday's TVi 'Znak Oklyku' round-up-of-the-year programme. Watch it here

Topics include the following resonant scandals, most of which I've written about in my blogs -

The purchase of two deep-sea drilling platforms at twice their proper price via shade offshore companies linked to companies that also provide drug money laundering services...

Yanukovych's opaquely acquired 27,000 hectare Dniprovsko-Teterivske state forestry hunting grounds - now surrounded by high fences, deep moat, control posts complete with hundreds of armed guards..

The never-ending purchase of expensive automobiles, helicopters, luxury train carriages etc. to supplement the president's motor pool..

The construction of expensive and unnecessary helicopter pads up and down the country for the president's use..

The promotion of an allegedly highly corrupt judge, Oleksandr Paseniuk, to the post of Constitutional Court judge - achieved by blatantly corrupt voting of deputies in the Verkhovna Rada. [Paseniuk was the boss of judge Ihor Zvarych who was recently sentenced to many years in prison. Head of the Ivano-Frankivsk Arbitration Court Petro Cherpy admitted he had given Zvarych $150,000, of which $140,000 Zvarych had to pass to Paseniuk, the- then head of the Supreme Administrative Court. .. a good example "Blackmail State", where blackmail is used as an instrument of state control]

And how shady offshore companies who currently rent large tracts of land are using hundreds of students and pensioners as 'pawn's. These are 'bussed' into the countryside in a corrupt 'carousel scheme' to gain options to purchase the much smaller plots into which the land is being divided up, in readiness for yet-to-be-announced privatisation.


elmer said...

which leads to this, which I'm sure you're seen

Mustafa Nayem's poll.

Here is a sampling out of

Tymoshenko --------------------------------------- 29.8%

Hrytsenko, Anatole (former Defense Minister) ----- 16.1%

There is no decent candidate --------------------- 9.1%

Klitchko ---------------------------------------- 8.9%

Tyahnybok ---------------------------------------- 6.8%

Against all ----------------------------------- 2.6%

YANUSVOLOCH ------------------------------------- 0.72%


with a WHOPPING 0.72%

Granted it's not a scientific people, and is based on 5,166 votes.

But when you get old ladies in Donbas screaming, on video, "we thought he was a god, but he turned out to be a piece of sh*t" in addition to other polls showing a huge drop in yanusvoloch's ratings, well, the message is loud and clear.

delusion of grandeur said...

Yes Yanukoycvh is suffer delusions of public office. As the President of Ukraine is a political god or Ukraine is in fact an equal to North Korea.

They will soon have statues to recognize Ukraine's past and Present Presidents erected in the park near Bankova Street

The sooner Ukraine can reinvigorate a new revolution and remove Presidential power and authority the better.

At a cost of over 100 million dollars per candidate Ukraine is much better off without a President that suffers delusion of grandeur

elmer said...

Is there anything at all that the sovok mafia in Ukraine can do without corruption?

An Austrian company built the Perovo solar panel park, to produce electricity.

zArazov's son gets a house in Austria. zArazov is the "Prime Minister" of Ukraine.

Kluyev's son get's a job in the solar panel company.

Kluyev, who is "First Vice Prime Minister," and his brother formed a business to produce solar panels =-------- funded, of course, by the Ukrainian state budget.

All are members of the Party of Regions.

This was all reported in Ukrainian Pravda - with pictures.

zArazov won't talk about it.


Anonymous said...

Paseniuk is highly competentive professional. Its a ridiculous to read such information in english, couse it's translated from invited papers in Ukrainian