Sunday, December 18, 2011

Zero confidence in Ukrainian health service

Yulia Tymoshenko was recently filmed without her permission in a hospital prison cell while she was visited and examined by white-coated, highly-placed health service officials. The crude and distasteful piece of video 'pokazukha' was leaked and can be seen on Youtube. It shows the former PM being held in what in most West European countries resembles a normal prison cell.

She had been moved there for medical treatment as the result of pressure from European politicians. The Lithuanian president had shamed president Yanukovych into ensuring his political arch-rival had proper medical provision and was provided with what he himself called 'current European standard' prison conditions.

The state of the cell where she had been held before this, during and after her trial are not clear, but it seems it has since been 'tarted up'.

The true opinion of the president were perhaps exposed on the 'Shuster Live' broadcast last Friday by National Security and Defence Council Advisor, Valeriy Ivasyuk who said:"Yulia Tymoshenko's lawyers are exploiting the state of health of Yulia Tymoshenko in a completely unqualified and shameless manner to somehow influence the criminal process of review of the deeds committed by Tymoshenko as former Prime Minister."

He added: "Thousands of people detained inside prisons without air conditioners, and excuse me, with open stool toilets, are dying every day. Why should Tymoshenko benefit from other conditions in prison just because of her previous position?"

Was he really suggesting with this loose comment that Tymoshenko should be locked away in a medieval dungeon in the hope she dies there? LEvko thinks he was - the word sadistic again springs to mind.

The topic of the 'Shuster Live' programme was the treatment and prevention of tuberculosis. Most of the questions to the guests present, including Minister of Health Oleksandr Anishchenko, concerned schemes for public procurement of medicines which are generally considered highly corrupt.

At the end of the show the audience were asked whether they believed the government would now be taking [positive] measures in the fight against tuberculosis. Astonishingly, 100% of the audience responded negatively. Not one member of the large audience showed any confidence the authorities would do anything to alleviate the problem of TB in Ukraine.

Ukrainian state healthcare is a dead duck..

p.s. Foreign minister Konstatnyn Hryshchenko, on last Friday's Yevgeniy Kiselov's talk show looked as if he had sh*t his impression is he knows what a national disaster Monday's non initialling of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement will turn out to be, and he will be soon be getting the sack...He is probably clearing his office desk - and siphoning gasoline out of the company automobile already...


elmer said...

It's not the 100% negative audience response towards the government that is astonishing.

It happens all the time on the Shuster show whenever one of the sovok mafia thugs is spewing hot air - the audience has meters which show contemporaneous reaction.

There was also a show called Open Access (Відкритий Доступ) hosted by Andrew Danylevych, which for some reason disappeared, during which the host allowed audience members to directly posit questions to govt. officials - and you could tell that audiences were fed up.

What is astonishing is that in view of the 100% negative response - noone does anything about it.

It's not limited just to TB and health services.

The people openly agree - 100% - the government, and the whole governmental system suck.

Then what? Nothing.

Not from the opposition, a bunch of pretend-reformers who can't unite because their places at the govt. pig trough are at stake.

Not from the people, for various reasons.

That's what really sucks.

Just keep pressing those negative buttons on the Shuster show.

That'll work - NOT!

Engage mind before you hit the keybord said...

elmer is you cut down on the childish use of prerogative racist descriptions you comments would have a greater impact and taken more seriously then they are. It might make you feel good and all inclusive by using such terms but in reality it just makes you look like a bigot. Which I am sure you are not. but try and read it from someone who is less committed to the use of such terminology and you might begin to realize that it is not in your interest to persist in using such words.