Wednesday, December 14, 2011

High farce [and fence] at Kyiv Court of Appeals

One of Yulia Tymoshenko's main defence attourneys, Mykola Siriy, was today prevented from entering the Kyiv Court of Appeals building where an appeal lodged by Tymoshenko against the verdict on the Russian gas supply contract case was being considered.

The former PM did not attend the hearing because of ill health. BYuT fraction parliamentary deputies were also denied admission despite their constitutional right as deputies, to do so.

Later, Siriy told journalists: "Five minutes before the hearing [was due to begin] I was not allowed to enter, [and] none of the police officers could explain anything. The only way I could participate in court proceedings was to climb over the fence. 'Berkut' special forces began pulling me off whilst the deputies helped me. They wouldn't let me get off on the other side so I had to jump. But the main thing here was not the "flight" of attourney Siriy, [see photo] but rather the closed nature of the trial".

Also about 1:40 minutes into this video.

He added that, fortunately, he did not suffer any injury, and almost immediately after jumping the fence he went into the court hearing.

This appeal hearing will be as farcical as Tymoshenko's trial earlier this year.

Yesterday I blogged about the Ukraine's Minister of Justice 'swanning around' in a Mercedes SUV stolen in Germany by a gang of smugglers. Today, a distinguished lawyer is seen jumping over a high court fence. No wonder the country is considered to be a joke..

p.s. The next session of the Kyiv Court of Appeal is scheduled for...20th December...the day after the Ukraine-EU summit, when, most likely, the Association Agreement will not be initialled. Some kind of fig-leaf 'agreement' will be offered up to avoid complete fiasco..

Everybody knows ratification by European parliaments is improbable for years.


Anonymous said...

You say the association agreement will not be singed yet there are numerous reports non Kyiv Post saying that it will be signed. the prevailing point of view is that the EU can not afford to not engage Ukraine and they hope that Ukraine once offered membership aspirations will begin to mend its ways.

I lay odds they will sign an agreement. we will know on Tuesday.

It's also reported that Tymsohenko's case has been adjourn until the 21st.

elmer said...

OK - Tymoshenko went to jail, according to the monster thugs from the Party of Robbers, due to causing "great damages" to the country because Ukraine Naftohaz signed a gas agreement with Gazprom - and cut out Firtash as a middleman.

"Look, look," they screamed, "the price of gas is $400" - meaning, of course, that to the extent Firtash and the rest of the thugs in or aligned with the Party of Robbers get their gas through Gazprom, their fertilizer and steel plants pay more (they all should have taken steps to become energy-efficient - but they were too busy robbing and pillaging Ukraine for 20 years).

So, here comes Yanukonvikt and zArazov and the rest of the sovok mafia "heroes" to the "rescue".

They were going to re-negotiate the price of gas down to $235, like Yushchenko claimed it should be, because Rasha is a "brother country," and because Rasha is "friendly," and because they were ever so much more "competent" than Tymoshenko.

BUT - as it turns out, zArazov and his banda managed to give away Sevastopol, and a bunch of other things - but the sovok mafia thug "heroes" have NOT been able to re-negotiate the price down to where they said it should be - at $235.

Talk, especially from sovok mafia thugs, is cheap - "Tymoshenko should have negotiated the gas price to be $235."

But the sovok mafia thugs have not been able to do what they said Tymoshenko should have been able to do.

So we have yet another blindingly obvious indication of the trumped up charges against Lutsenko, Makarenko, Didenko, Tymoshenko and the rest.

Revenge for cutting Firtash out as a middleman, and depriving the Party of Robbers of a significant source of funds. And increasing their cost of running their stolen businesses.

спасибо жителям Донбаассааааа..