Saturday, December 10, 2011

Preparing for the worst?

German ambassador to Kyiv Dr. Hans-Jürgen Heimsoeth posted a significant article in today's 'Ukrainska Pravda'

Here are a few quotes:

"Today the EU finds itself before the question - Will it be possible to conclude an Association Agreement with Ukraine before the end of the year..and this at a moment when serious doubts have sprung up in the EU whether the Ukrainian leadership is truly sincere in its statements on European integration? Doubts are growing daily...

Trials and increased application of arrests of former members of government, are just the tip of the iceberg...other concerns are daily being added: pressure on enterprises from security organs, searches of lawyers' offices, pre-trial detentions, fabricated trials, placement of loyalists into all possible positions etc.

Germany and its partners cannot close its eyes to the development of such events.

All the major political forces in Ukraine wish to conclude an Association Agreement. But those who know the European Union can see that desire itself is not enough to open the way to an Agreement...

If the leadership of Ukraine continually treats with contempt the concerns of the EU and leading European politicians then the country cannot count on success in the EU. This applies both to Kyiv and to other European capitals.

Only after the decision of the Council of Ministers, that is by a consensus of all members of the European Union, will it be ready to sign the Association Agreement and implement procedures for ratification in its parliaments.

For this [to happen] there should again be a dominant conviction that Ukraine is really striding along the path of European integration. And there should be clear steps [made] in this direction.
Every Ukrainian should understand: the path to the EU along which Ukraine will either set out or not set out, entirely and totally depends on the Ukrainian authorities and Ukrainian people.
If the Association Agreement won't be signed, the reasons for this should be sought in Ukraine and in the political authorities."

It all sounds like groundwork for failure..

But Yanukovych is doing his utmost to achieve failure too.

Ukrainian parliamentary ombudsman Nina Karpacheva declared yesterday's grotesque 12 hour court session in Yulia Tymoshenko's prison cell, complete with judge in robes, prosecutors and bodyguards was not in accordance with Ukrainian law. "Today any out-of-court session, especially in a investigative isolator cell is a brutal transgession of state law, and point 1 of article 5 of the European convention of human rights." Tymoshenko has been bed-bound for several weeks with a serious spinal condition. European observers have been aghast at such barbaric behaviour too.

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UkrToday said...

Europe should set down the criteria in which Ukraine must first meet in order for it to be considered for membership .

The EU must insist that Ukraine undertake constitutional, judicial and parliamentary reform as recommend by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) and the Venice Commission. Ukraine must remove presidential authority and adopt a full democratic parliamentary system of governance along the lines adopted by Estonia and Latvia. The Judiciary must be independent at arms length from government and integrated into the European judicial system.

Until and only then should Ukraine be considered for EU membership

25 out of 27 EU states are Parliamentary democracies.

Croatia is soon to become an EU member, having recently been approved to become a member in 2013. Croatia is also a Parliamentary democracy.