Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Interference and threats from Yanukovych

At his end-of-year press conference today, president Yanukovych commented on the Tymoshenko investigation thus:

"I warned all those ['vykovavtsi'] involved - there was a special meeting - I warned them: you should know that society, the public, experts will be looking at this matter under a microscope..if you break the law you will be held responsible, possibly criminally responsible."

"If there is an investigation [into the Tymoshenko case] - there should be court trial, to dot the i's, as they say."

"I never would never wish to exchange [or switch] investigators or judges. I know what this is. I never, never did this and will never do this..

"I cannot interfere in investigative acts or the work of the legal system, and I advice journalists not to do so."

By calling the "special meeting" did he interfere in due legal process? Who attended? Prosecutors? Investigators? Judiciary? All of them or just some of them?" Was the meeting minuted?

Because the trial was assessed by almost all western observers as a legal shambles, will the 'vykovavtsi' be 'dealt with' by Yanukovych for the embarassment and damage they have caused to the country's reputation?

Is he admitting that he pressurised 'vykonavtsi' to stage a trial even if the investigator's evidence against Tymoshenko was unconvincing?

Or is this merely a slip - an unintentional admission he threatened 'vykonavtsi' at this 'special meeting' to: "Lock her up - do it cleanly - or I will lock you up.."?

The last of these may be the most likely. In a sneering response to a question at the press conference from 'Ukrainska Pravda' journalist Mustafa Nayem on the president's expensive rented helicopter and Mezhyhirya' residence and on connections between the companies who run them and his son, Yanukovych threatened the questioner: "What kind of a sweet life are you talking about, I do not know, and [you] discuss the topic of my family. I want to tell you.. I do not envy you..."

Chuckling, after a pause he added: "Me and you, we know each other well, understand one another. [On] the other thing, you can come to your own conclusion.." [Ostalnoye dodumayte sami..]

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