Sunday, October 14, 2012

'Forbes' accuse Fuel and Energy minister Boyko of serial theft

Yuriy Boyko has been Minister of Energy and the Coal Industry of Ukraine for exactly 30 months.

In a recent article, '' allege that during this time, Boyko and companies linked to him, have won contracts from his ministry totalling more than $5.5 billion.

When the state gas company 'Naftohaz Ukrainy' requested tenders for two deep sea drilling platforms their final cost turned out to be $1.4Bn, even though shady 'middlemen' allegedly linked to Boyko paid the rigs' builders only $400m for each one. Much has been written about these 'vyshky Boyka' and the massive 'rake-offs', including by your humble blogger.

But apart from this scandal, Boyko is accused of involvement in four further resonant cases.

The first concerns the 'Yevrotrubplast' trading company. Regional gas companies have allegedly overpaid this company millions of Hryvnya for large diameter pipes. The managing director of the trading company is an old pal of Boyko's. Total loss to the 'oblgas' companies is estimated at 850 million Hryven.

The second concerns the 'Ukrenergomotazh' company which constructs electricity supply networks connecting nuclear and other power stations, and consumers. One of the company's directors runs a fuel trading company - with Boyko's wife. 'Forbes' estimates 'Ukrenergomontazh' have received 3.7 Bn. Hryven 'over the odds' in state contracts.

The third concerns the Cyprus-registered 'Benzol' company which supplies explosives to Ukraine's mines. Once Boyko became minister this company have won the lion's share of all contracts to supply either state coal mines or companies linked to Boyko. Overpayments are estimated at 200m. Hryven.

The fourth concerns payments to 'Truskavetskurort' health recuperation complex which is part-owned by an associate of Boyko's. Ukraine's national insurance agencies, whose management has ties to Boyko, have overpaid 'Truskavetskurort' over 100m Hryven for their services, claim 'Forbes'.

If the president's son can do it, why can't ministers? Yanuk jr. has been registering companies in Switzerland and Holland to minimize payment of taxes when his outfits [for which, according to his dad, he works so hard] export coal abroad.


Anonymous said...

Trouble is most voters don't read Forbes or your blog and only watch television news.

elmer said...

This is not the first time that Boyko's theft in full view in the context of the "Boyko drilling rigs" has been written about in Ukraine.

In addition, there are many news stories that have run on TV about Boyko's huge theft.

The "president" yanusvoloch has repeatedly mouthed the words that he will "fight corruption."

But that's where it stops - hot air, and empty words from the Big Bumbling Moron Lardbutt, Yanusvoloch.

Despite all that, Nestor Shufrych, one of the odious attack dogs from the sovok mafia Party of Regions, recently went on the "Freedom of Speech" (Свобода Слова) show on ICTV and after a very long harangue, stated that Ukraine needs a president for a 10-year term, not a 5-year term - meaning, of course, that the "profffesor" yanusvoloch ought to be president for life.

His problem was that according to the audience meters which gauge reaction - noone believe the SOB at all.

The "Freedom of Speech" is among the best political talk shows in Ukraine, with an excellent host -
Andrew Kulikov.

He has his hands full with sovok mafiosi like Nestor Shufrych constantly interrupting, foaming at the mount with sovok style harangues, and not sticking to the topic or answering questions.

But Kulikov handles it well.

This is the link to the video excerpt:

I do not understand why the zombies in Zookraine continue to allow the rampant theft, rape, pillaging and robbery of Ukraine by the Party of Regions and other sovok mafia.

The government is a criminal's paradise, and it puts political opponents in jail.