Friday, October 05, 2012

Kuzmin exposes himself as laughing stock [updated]

Ukrainian deputy prosecutor Renat Kuzmin's scandalous letter to Senators? Congressmen? [who cares?] is a joke.

It is so poorly argumented, so poorly translated,  it makes "doctor of law, professor, National Academy of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine, deputy prosecutor general of Ukraine", Kuzmin a laughing stock.

Kuzmin's blind arrogance and incompetence is totally exposed. His unprofessionalism, and that of the Ukrainian authorities, is truly frightening.

Party of Regions and Ukrainian authorities pay U.S. lobbyists and PR advisers hundreds of thousands of dollars which they gladly take..Could not any of them spend a few minutes proof-reading this crap?

Many serious commentators say Kuzmin is blacklisted already in the USA. This letter further reduces any likelihood of him receiving a visa.

But it wasn't written for US politicians really; the true target was anti-western PoR regions voters...

p.s. One commentator described Kuzmin at the recent YES conference, thus:  "He looked like a bandit, behaved like a bandit and spoke like a bandit." We now know he also writes like a bandit...

Update: 'Kyiv Post' have now reposted a upgraded, totally official version of the the letter mentioned above. It is still an embarrassing joke...they have nothing to apologise for...



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elmer said...

You are absolutely correct - Kyiv Post has nothing to apologize for.

In my opinion, Kuzmin is an unbalanced individual, just like many of his confreres in the Party of Regions.

The letter isn't any better the second time around.

The Party of Regions came out with a media blitz about how the letter was "purchased" by Tymoshenko's lobbyists, how the Senater Resolution was not passed "correctly," and how it is "non-binding and doesn't matter anyway."

Yet - Kuzmin froths and foams at the mouth, even invoking his children and the Saints (!!!!) to prove that he is "doing God's work" by his Stalinist persecutions of Tymoshenko and other former officials in her government when she was Prime Minister.

In other words - if the "Senate Resolution doesn't matter" - why is Kuzmin going apoplectic about it?

Obviously, he knows, as does the Party of Regions, that the US Senate is not deaf, dumb and blind.

The letter is obviously written in order to posture in front of the Ukrainian population - which also knows better.