Monday, October 29, 2012

PoR in shock....

From 'Ukrainska Pravda's continuously-updated election night special:

28.10.2012 23.45 [less than 4 hours after polling stations closed] - Mustafa Nayem [Report from PoR's glitzy press centre]

All activity in the Party of Regions' press centre has died. There is not one representative of the party in the hall. The last presentation to journalists was one and one half hours ago. No announcements or messages. Only the plasma screens showing the tele-marathon broadcasts [on various channels] are running. No sound."

Gone to massage figures in backrooms?


elmer said...

As I was watching live election coverage, one thing became very apparent - the assholes from the PoR loooked like the cat that had swallowed the canary.

Without exception, even on the political talk shows leading up to the elections, they had wise-ass sarcastic smirks on their faces.

On the shows that have audience meters, they don't care that the audience meters show 0% that is -0- percent support for what they are saying.

On the Savik Shuster Show tonight, Shufrych had his typical perpetual smirky SEG (shit-eating-grin).

Olena Bondarenko, perpetual cluck-clucker for the Regionnaires, yet again repeated her plaintive cry that "all the opposition ever does is complain about and criticize the PoR."

Well, duh - of course!!!

When you have a bunch of sovok mafia who are stealing in broad daylight and trying to squish the life out of free speech, including media such as TVi, of course people should point that out!

The tricks go on and on - including sudden mysterious "lighting outages" after voting was over. Opposition representatives were sitting on ballot boxes during the lighting outages to make sure that nothing happened to the ballots.

The votes aren't all yet counted at this point, but the exit polls showed some interesting results.

And the government had already announced in the run-up to elections that the exit polls would pretty much be indicative of the voting as a measure of reliability of "free and fair elections." We shall see.

A really pleasant surprise was a pretty good showing by UDAR, and an even better showing by the United Opposition.

An even better and bigger pleasant surprise was a very good showing by "Freedom" - Svoboda. The pundits had predicted that they would not make it past the 5% threshold barrier.

it appears that the turnout was 51% of eligible voters.

Looks like in Western Ukraine the voter turnout was high.

In Eastern Ukraine, especially Kherson, they stayed away in droves.

Apparently not even the journalists showed up for PoR's party - there was a lone reporter from the Savik Shuster Show reporting that ----- noone had showed up.

Bernard said...

Seems that's exactly what they did: the huge discrepancy between the exit polls (which were very consistent) and the election results can only be explained by massive fraud. This is a day of tragedy for Ukraine: international isolation will deepen, poverty increase, corruption continue to escalate and democracy further deteriorate... The mafia/communist alliance are the only ones to celebrate.