Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ukraine’s Troubling Trends

Hillary Clinton and Catherine Ashton's op-ed in the 'NYT' provides a link to this recent report:  'The prospects for the EU-Ukraine free trade agreement'.

The report's conclusion?

"The future of the Association Agreement of the DCFTA will strongly depend on how the parliamentary elections in Ukraine, which are scheduled for 28 October, proceed; the EU will not take any strategic decisions before then. If the Ukrainian government continues to violate democratic standards, the European Union’s consent to the implementation of the DFCTA will be very unlikely." [my italics]

...continues to violate.....

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elmer said...

here is another link depicting Zookraine's troubling trends:

This is an excerpt from a program (Exclamation Point) which examines --- prosecutors in Zookraine.

As it turns out, in the Donbas region, "prosecutors" drive hugely expensive $100,000 SUV's and other cars registered to them - individually.

The prosecutorial agency is a sort of "untouchable super-agency" - they can nab anyone, but noone can get them.

In one case, a 33-year old newly minted "super-prosecutor" enjoyed a sudden "skyrocketing" career - and a hugely expensive car.

Why? Well, his father was in the parliament. He went over from the BYuT faction (Block of Yulia Tymoshenko) to the Party of Regions.

After that, his son started enjoying a "miraculous rise" in his career - along with the expensive car.

Ukraine does not have a government - it is a criminocracy.

In another instance, the son of a prosecutor killed 3 women - via his expensive car.

The fat little sonofabitch simply took off, and "can't be found."

Ukraine is a very, very, very, very sick place.

Why do the people tolerate it?