Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Herman wading in doo-doo as usual

Last week presidential adviser and Party of Regions parliamentary deputy, Hanna Herman, declared from the parliamentary podium that boxer and presidential contender Vitaliy Klychko, by paying taxes in Germany [on earnings he makes in that country], is supporting the former Nazi invaders of Ukraine.

"He pays his taxes so that there can be high pensions for German pensioners, amongst whom are those who ripped our land apart during the Great Patriotic War", said Herman in the Verkhovna Rada.

Ukrainian dignitaries and political leaders are not shy when it come to purchasing German cars, rows of which can be seen outside parliament. The profits made by Mercedes, BMW etc. are also ploughed back into these companies' pension funds from which, no doubt, some ex-Nazis also benefit. These companies made major contributions to the Nazi war machine in the 1930's and 1940's too.

Ukrainians who were taken as slave labour against their will to Hitler's Germany, including some of your humble blogger's family, still regularly receive small German pensions, partly paid for by Klychko's taxes, more than 60 years after the end of the war.

Herman has many times spoken of Ukraine's deep-felt motivation to join the European family of nations.

The Second World War finished well over half a century ago. From the catastrophe emerged a new Europe, and a new European Union which Herman claims Ukraine should strive to join. I can only image what German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her advisers make of Herman's crazy utterances on this most touchy of subjects...

Successful signing of the EU-Ukraine AA and DCFTA deals in late November is hanging in the balance...with Merkel, arguably, having a decisive say on the matter. Herman's barmy remark may have been the last straw.

p.s. There are reports the EU are already considering a 'plan B' for Ukraine - kick the AA can down the road until next year?

Can Ukraine survive pressure from Putin without support from the West for that long? Do they want to?

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