Tuesday, October 01, 2013

More drivel from Herman

PoR deputy and presidential advisor Hanna Herman, appeared on the 'Svoboda Slova' show yesterday.

In her opinion,"..the Tymoshenko card will be played by opponents of Ukraine to prevent Ukraine's progress forward. Yulia Volodymyrivna, who herself did not wish this, has unwittingly become a mechanism which is being used by enemies of Ukraine in order to prevent Ukraine entering the path of Western development...I believe that having signed the Association [agreement] and having stood firmly on his feet, the Ukrainian president, who is seeking a way out of this situation, will find a way out to alleviate the lot of his opponent. But not under pressure from foreign countries and leaders, not under threat ... no, he will do it from the heights of his mercy, his Christian beliefs and his decency... "

[Herman frequently makes such vaseline-laden statements...E.g. "Yanukovych will become a legend for generations to come, because even in the next hundred years it is hardly likely anyone will be able to repeat what he has managed to do in his life. ]

Herman crazily implied that Ukraine's enemies, knowing what kind of person Tymoshenko was, had somehow engineered the whole scandal in a calculated manner to reduce the country's chances of Euro-integration; Tymoshenko had merely been an 'unwitting tool' in their hands.  [23 minutes into the 'Svoboda Slova' video]

According to Herman all of those at the European Court of Human Rights, the world leaders, European parliament etc. who consider Tymoshenko a victim of crude political persecution by Yanukovych, and are demanding her release are, apparently, enemies playing the 'Tymoshenko card'...

It is as if Tymoshenko herself were merely a bargaining chip. or what Herman herself called a card.. perhaps a deal clincher to be tossed into any EU-Ukraine deal if/when  this becomes an unavoidable requirement.

Even today, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has passed another resolution demanding Tymoshenko's release. [See document here]

p.s. Was Yanukovych acting from the 'heights of mercy' and in tune with his Christian beliefs and decency when, as a youth he was mugging victims and stealing their earrings and fur hats - crimes for which he spent three and a half years in jail....
or when he threatened to 'steamroll under asphalt' his political opponents..
Or when he is stealing millions for his dreadful, grotesque OTT palaces, barges, hunting lodges, dachas on the Black sea etc.  In a normal country someone with Yanukovych's record would not even get a job as a school janitor..

What drivel from Herman..

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