Monday, February 13, 2006

Gas supplies short to Europe again--Russia

Italy says that Russian gas supplies will be 16.2% short of demand for the third consecutive day. I wonder what other countries are also being shorted.

LEvko comments: An article in today's London 'Times' entitled 'Stormy' G8 fails to win Russian energy deal shows that Europeans are beginning to get increasingly anxious about the Russia's ability to provide reliable gas supplies. A quote:

[At a G8 finance ministers' meeting in Moscow over the weekend] European countries at the G8 finance ministers’ meeting tried to hold their host nation to its pledges on energy security at the weekend, amid concern over Russia’s brief suspension of gas supplies to Ukraine. Specifically, France called on Russia to accept the terms of the Energy Charter Treaty, which guarantees the free movement of energy supplies. Russia has signed, but not ratified, the treaty.

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