Monday, February 06, 2006

A Monday (slow news day) roundup

Here are some things from here:

--The sun is out and it is warmish today, relatively speaking. But tell that to the people in Alchervsk

--414 houses remain without heat in the city of Alchevsk. Fortunately, it isn’t as cold as it was. (But tell that to the ducks—see below.) That is 175 better than last week.

and to the children

--5425 children were sent from Alchevsk to the Crimea and to other areas of
Ukraine. (And the rest are doing what precisely in Alchervsk?)

---It was reported here last week that 300 ducks died near Alushta, Crimea of avian flu. This finding was reversed a few days later. (This is true.) The real cause of death? They froze to death. (Also true.) “It was a dead giveaway,” an official said on condition of anonymity. “We took some food out on four separate days and they wouldn’t eat—they just stood there like lawn statues.” To officially post the cause of death, the government, though, is waiting for documentation certifying the food had the proper nutritional content for ducks.

And under the category of stories inspired by not quite actual events--the "fake but true" category-- we could not resist the following:

--Allegations surfaced this week on a relatively obscure website (with a “foreign” name), that Gallia Ivanova and Masha Rosenko, on the list of candidates for the Rada from Party of the Regions, were the bridge partner and manicurist of one of the more famous candidate’s wives, and were also well-known feather dancers on the Donetsk tent pub circuit. When asked why these two were on the ticket, Victor Yanukovych is rumored to have said, “Razom nas bahato. Nas ni podiloty,” in perfect Ukrainian. This, of course, explained everything.

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