Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Who's telling porkies? [2]

cf. Who's telling porkies?

Press reports quoting a conversation between Minister of Fuel and Energy Plachkov and Head of the President's secretariat Rybachuk state there are Ukrainian citizens lurking behind RosUkrEnergo. "Those who founded the company, in the days of Kuchma still remain.." said Plachkov; while Rybachuk admitted persons with Ukrainian citizenship but not in administrative structures, could be beneficiaries.

Analysts estimate that RosUkrEnergo will make well over $1Bn [maybe near $2Bn] in profits this year. With such sums involved it's beggars belief that people at the top, both Russia and Ukraine don't know who they are and what's going on..

Update: Today PM Yekhanurov in the VR denied there are Ukrainian citizens amongst the founders of RUE..

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