Thursday, June 01, 2006

Anti-NATO demonstrations

There were some demonstrations in the Crimea a few days back when an American naval ship moored at a port down there to drop off some supplies for a NATO exercise to be held somewhere around that area. These demonstrations were filled with anti-NATO protestors and they were large enough to make the national news.

How large were they? "Dozens" of demonstrators participated. Dozens? Soudns kind of sparse doesn't it? Yet it made teh national news. Couldn't have been more than a couple of dozen people there to sings songs of freedom and overcoming and linking arms to surround that symbol of , what? Western expansionism? Yet yet it made the national news. Sounds like what passes for an unbiased view of what is newsworthy at US news outlets.

I'm surprised they didn't go on a looting spree after they ran out of songs.

There's something about it here.

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Anonymous said...

Anti-NATO demonstrations were quite wide spread and there are still people arriving to the Crimea from various regions of Eastern Ukraine to protest the upcoming exercises. The overwhelming majority of population in these regions, including the Crimea are Pro-Russian. That expains the fact that the Pro-Russian party headed by Yanukovich scored victory in recent Parliamentary elections. People are mostly concerned with Russophobic and nationalist rhetoric that President Yuschenko exploits time and again. One more thing Scott: if people don't want Americans on their land it doesn't mean they are a bunch of thugs or inferior to Westerners as you imply by saying that you were surprised protesters did not go on a looting spree.