Saturday, June 10, 2006

'Wheels dropping off' Orange Coalition?

The NSNU press secretary stated today that the "coalition negotiations [between BYuT, NSNU and Socialists] have ceased." The stumbling block has been Moroz's nomination for VR speaker - NSNU are demanding this position is filled by one of their own people.

In a subsequent press conference Tymoshenko appealed to NSNU to resume talks, adding, "Those political forces which toppled the orange coalition the first time round, are toppling it for a second time right now."

She told journalists, without naming names, that "big money" lies behind this development, and that the impasse over VR speaker nomination, "is just an pre-planned excuse, in order to form a coalition having a different format."

When asked if this means that NSNU have been staging coalition talks with PR, she said, "I am convinced that a parallel process has gone on."

In today's radio address President Yushchenko washed his hands of the entire matter. "I consider that a politician who lays claim to the position of PM, should take responsibility for creation of the coalition...this is [normal] European practice."

He explained that he is not interfering int the process of coalition building because, "he does not want the coalition to be formed under pressure," and agreed that "BYuT who obtained 22% of the votes should choose the position of PM or VR speaker, NSNU, who obtained 14%, 'bagsies*' the second position, and the SPU 'bagsies' the third position.

So Tymoshenko has to sort out the mess - if the 'wheels drop off' the democratic coalition, it will be her fault. Not for the first time she will be 'nevistka' - daughter-in-law. [According to a Ukrainian saying, all domestic family problems and disputes are blamed on 'nevistka'.]
*see previous post.

Monday Update: [From Ukrainska Pravda]

translated by Eugene Ivantsov , 12.06.2006, 12:55

Our Ukraine believes coalition with BYuT and SPU has no future, says Our Ukraine statement presented by its press service on Monday.
"Because of categorical statements made by SPU regarding speaker’s office Our Ukraine considers further negotiations unpromising," says the statement.
"Our Ukraine is sorry for the personal ambitions of SPU leader ruined negotiations."
"We believe such step is irresponsible to the people of Ukraine," reads the statement.


DLW said...

What the blank has Yuschenko been smoking?

How can I not grieve for Ukraine and lament this sort of leadership. Leadership always is the sort of pressure that holds things together in coherent ways that help set the tone for everything else!!!!

Dear God, please do not forget the Ukrainian people! Do not let the Orange Revolution be mocked! Do not let the people's hopes be squashed! Please, put up a mirror to Yuschenko's face so he can see who has been seriously responsible for things falling apart.

MattyJ said...

I think Yushchenko is playing a very risky, but necessary game here.

If the rumours about corruption around him are true then it could all be game over. However, if he can hoodwink Yulia and the Socialists into confirming his Supreme Court Judges, Yushchenko may be able to carry on (this is believing his nominations are going to overturn the Constitutional Reforms that weakened his power). For such an occurance he probably needs to be in control of the Speaker of Parliament post - hence the refusal to give in to the Socialists.

The risk of course is, that given the current state of play, he attempts to team up with the Party of Regions to get his judges, and half of Our Ukraine defects to Yulia's side.

Although, that may be a better option than calling Fresh Elections which his party would be certain to lose.

I think Party of Regions and Socialists is a real possibility. I don't know the numbers but, thoughts?