Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Are they thugs?

One commenter here suggests that I implied the protestors in Crimea were thugs and criminals by suggesting they might have gone on a looting spree.

That was all tongue and cheek. How could "dozens" of people, instead of hundreds or thousands as in Paris, go on a looting spree? And when they ran out of songs? Did they sing any? That is a phenomenon of the US, gather around to protest and sing about overcoming or no more this or that.

I posted it that way because it was funny to me the idea of "dozens" of Ukrainians linking their arms around the port (how do "dozens" do that effectively) then going on a looting spree when they ran out of songs. That is a funny thing to me and still is. And I would think with the kind of sense of humor Ukrainians have, it would be funny to them too.

In any event, I might post something else here that is funny to me. I could label it but I probably won't. Just so you know.

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