Sunday, September 10, 2006

Akhmetov for President?

It is often assumed that PoR is a political monolyth, but as in any human enterprise or organization, there are differing priorities, conflicting ambitions, and varying aspirations amongst its members, which produce internal tensions.

According to an article in 'Fraza', PoR can be divided into two groups or 'clans' - the 'old' and the 'young' Donetskiye. The former are lead by Yanuk and Azarov, the latter by Akhmetov and Kolesnikov.

In simple terms, the former include those who for years worked in government administration, both at regional and national level. The latter are predominantly representatives of Donetsk business, who became rich in the years of "wild capitalism". The term 'young donetskiye' is appropriate - many are under 40 years of age. Rayisa Bogatyreva, one of PoR's leading VR deputies, and Tatiana Bakhteyeva (the personal doctor of Boris Kolesnikov, and a relative of rinat Akhmetov) are normally associated with the young Donetskiye.

Unlike the oranges, PoR seldom 'wash their dirty laundry in public', but after a close associate of Yanuk, Anna German, publicly commented that Yanuk may be supporting Yush for President in 2009 it precipitated this curt riposte from Bogatyrova: "Such strategic decisions as the participation of political partyin presidential or parliamentary elections will be decided by the Party Congress. It is incorrect to discuss this now.."

A major reason for discontent amongst the young Donetskiye is the big governmental positions in Yanuk's cabinet have been given to old Donetskiye - kuchmistas who have been 'pulled out of their coffins'. The only exception is Vasyl Dzharty - a representative of the autonomous Makeyev clan.

The situation in the PoR parliamentary fraction is not much better for the young Donetskiye either. Until Yanukovych was elected PM, the management of the fraction was dominated by the 'old boys'. Of 9 deputy leaders of fraction, the interests of Akhmetov/Kolesnikov were represented only by Bogatyreva and Kolesnikov.
After the formation of the new KabMin, the young Donetskiye hoped to redress the balance. Despite Bogatyrova being selected as leader of the majority coalition [a sensible choice on account of her experience in the VR, both in good and bad times], the young Donetskiye did not get what they were hoping for. Yevhen Kushnaryov, someone from with few ties with either group, may have been an alternative choice for coalition leader, but was not favoured by either.

The problem, which potentially could create the biggest waves in the party, is who will be their man in the presidential elections 2009. The old Donetskiye are interested in a long-term premiership for Yanukovych, approved and blessed by a neutered President Yushchenko, [hence German's comments].

The young Donetskiye have their own candidate for President - Rinat Leonidovich Akhmetov.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Very interesting. Wow and everyone thought Al Capone was such a big fish. By the time he is finished this dude will own a country. Any more incidents of encroachments on press liberty yet?

MattyJ said...

I just wrote a cracking post about the situation in Moldova following Yanukovych's election as PM.

Seems that Moldova is drifting slightly towards authoritarianism, with two stories today that hardly flatter the current government in terms of censorship and freedom of assembly (see Radio Free Europe)

Unfortunately as you are probably well aware, unless you actually save the post, it is quite easy to lose all your writing if your internet connection is lost as you attempt to upload. Needless to say im pretty irritable now

Keep up the good work!

LEvko said...

Hi Mattyj - Thanks for your support. Yes, blogspot can be erratic and unreliable.

PoR have submitted proposals in the VR for laws to increase penalties for libel in the media [including imprisonment]. We'll see if this comes to anything. PoR includes some very wealthy people who have their own mass media, and they churn out what they want.

But who knows, maybe these PoR guys won't be as bad as some expect.