Friday, September 15, 2006

Time to put up or shut up

Today BYuT parliamentary deputy Oleh Lyashko promised to reveal a transcript of telephone conversations which he claims prove that Oleksandr Moroz's 'Socialist Party of Ukraine' were bribed by PoR to ditch the Oranges, and join with them in a grand coalition.

Lyashko informed reporters on July 24th that this material was in his possession, but since then - nothing.

He also promised to hold a press conference this Saturday when the alleged incriminating recordings will be aired. Apparently deputy Prime Minister Andriy Klyuyev is heard in a conversation with someone in Moscow, discussing the receipt by the Socialists of $300m to wreck the Orange coalition.

A parliamentary investigative committee are looking into the matter, and may invite Yuliya Tymoshenko to attend their next session on 20th September.

Eduard Prutnik was yesterday confirmed head of the State Radio and Television Broadcasting Committee [Derzhkomtelradio].

Prutnik, a PoR member of parliament, is a close adviser to Viktor Yanukovych, and was his deputy when the Yanuk headed the Donetsk Oblast Administration. This man is implicated in the attempted 2004 presidential election steal, part of which included blatant pro-Yanuk bias during the campaign in the Ukrainian mass media. [But none of that ever happened, did it?]

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