Friday, September 08, 2006

Yulka complaining again..

In a brief interview yesterday, Yuliya T. again complained that some of her VR deputies are being offered bribes of $5-7 million to switch over and join the PoR-dominated anti-crisis coalition.

She admits that some will defect, and claims that PoR's aim is to accumulate sufficient deputies to form a contitutional majority of 300. This would enable them to change the consitution and reduce the President's powers even further. The Ukrainian president in future would be selected by parliament alone, and be a 'figurehead' head of state only.

PoR's top ideologue Yevhen Kushnaryov has declared that gaining such a majority is one of their chief aims right now, because it would enable them to change the fundamental laws of the country.

PoR have high hopes of 'enticing' quite a few ByuTivtsi, particularly their businessmen into their ranks, offering them preferential business opportunites in the eastern part of the country.

NSNU deputies could be holding out for inducements too while they 'wrestle with their consciences' even though eventually they can say they were merely following the President's wish when they join the grand coalition, a nice 'win-win' situation.

Meanwhile, this from the Press Office of the Cabinet of Ministers:

Viktor Yanukovych: Government will actively fight corruption

Government has plans to start drastic struggle against corruption in different areas of country’s activity, announced Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych during his participating in Economic Forum Krynica 2006 held in a Polish town of Krynica Gorska. [Ho..ho..ho..]

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Anonymous said...

It is starting to read like Sherman's march (PoR's activities). And I am afraid they will win. I have heard mention of OR Two (I guess people are thinking that a sequel could fix things) but by then it would be too late and people power would have been legislated into criminality. Worst possible news of their getting 300 but they have accomplished so much already why stop?