Monday, September 18, 2006

Prosecutor-General's 'things-not-to-do' box

The President of Ukraine has announced that he has commissioned the general Office of Public Prosecutor to investigate allegedly illegal discriminatory V.A.T. reimbursements made in August to large enterprises, a matter about which I blogged a couple of weeks ago.

What did the President expect with Mykola Azarov as Minister of Finances?

According to the source article, "..funds have been allotted to Azovstal, Avdeyevka Koksokhim, [and] Yenakievo Metzavod. Such enterprises as Illich’s Mariupol Metallurgical Plant have not had a single kopek..”

The Illich M.M.Plant, is owned by one of Ukraine's top Socialists and richest men - Vladimir Boyko, and is a commercial rival of the Akhmetov-owned Azovstal, which is also located in Mariupol. The other two enterprises mentioned that have received VAT refunds are [surprise, surprise] also part of Akhmetov's S.C.M. group.

The Socialists are supposed to be partners in the new ruling parliamentary coalition - Boyko will not be a 'happy bunny'. Prosecutor-General Medvedko will no doubt file the President's request in his ever-growing 'things-not-to-do' box.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, my only amazement is that it was caught so quickly (done in Aug. and flagged in Sept.?)

So what is your take on Rybachuk being cut? any news on what he will do next?