Saturday, September 23, 2006

Yanuk interview..

Watch Yanukovych's interview on 'EuroNews' in English and in Russian.

Here's a bit of the transcript:

EuroNews: Has the direction of Ukrainian foreign and domestic policy changed because the government has fewer "orange" members and more from your "white-blue" party? What should Europe expect from these changes?

Yanukovich: I am sure that the direction hasn't changed. What will change, and will change substantially, is our tactics. They will become more concrete, more dynamic [?]. Our task is to make our policy more predictable. And that is the goal for those reforms we want to carry out. Because, for the first time since we got our independence, we have a real mechanism for our parliament and government working together. What happened in 2004 was that the people exploded, that was because they had built up an enormous amount of negative feeling about the political situation. And that is why people wanted change. Everybody, both the "orange" supporters and those of the "white-blue" camp. [What was the question again?]

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